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‘Retreat of the week’ – Yoga with Perumal – 23rd – 30th June

Meet Perumal - join us on his Ibiza yoga retreat from 23rd - 30th June

Retreat:Yoga with Perumal Koshy in Ibiza

We are honoured to have Perumal Koshy bring his infinite knowledge and sensitive teaching skills to our beautiful island… Achieve a state of flow under his careful guidance and strengthen muscles and open your heart in the surrounds of the Ibiza countryside. In this special traditional finca – with the smell of Rosemary and Lavendar to fill your nostrils as you inhale! 

Date: Saturday 23rd – Saturday 30th June

Cost: From €862 based on 2 sharing twin room. Other options and single occupancy available

Location: A rustic 400 year old renovated finca in the heart of the countryside in the North of the island

What’s Included? * Accommodation * Full board (apart from 2 free evenings where you can explore the local restaurants!) * All yoga tuition and classes *


Retreat of the Week – Yoga from the Heart @ Casa Corazon

A retreat for the mind, body AND soul! Hosted by us! 

A 5 day retreat with a unique philosophy – ‘there is immense power in gentleness’. We encourage you to connect with your very centre. Out of your head and into your heart for 5 days of powerful, flow-based, body and heart-opening yoga.

All inclusive of light, laughter filled soul-food nourishment and caring hosting from Larah, Susie and Valerie in the bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon (the house of the heart).
No more than 7 guests on the retreat ensure we can give you plenty of personalised attention to develop your own practise and style – giving you the confidence to embrace yoga and what’s in your heart within your day-to-day life.

Dates: 22nd – 26th March & 12-16th April (as well as dates throughout the season!)

Location: The beautiful bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon…

Price: From £795 per person


Retreat of the week! 5 day ‘Time to be’

Join Shambala and Sandra for a 5 day retreat designed to help you leave your troubles behind! 

Do you need to deeply relax, regenerate, recover? Disconnect from your daily life, from stress, trouble and worries? Receive clarity about life issues, job problems or your love life?

This individually tailored retreat, supports your own ability to find a new inner balance within – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We guide you through a process of transformation in which you can tap into your inner resources, experience fresh inspiration and gain a new perspective. Discover your true potential as you listen to the call of your soul!

Date: 18th – 23rd March

Cost: €795 all inclusive

What’s included: * Daily yoga to tune up the body! * 5 nights accommodation on a single occupancy basis * 2 delicious vegetarian meals per day * 2 guided meditations * 4 body treatments during your stay



Verbal Vitamin D – Nutrition for the mind.


How often do you find yourself listening to your inner-critic? That voice inside your mind that says things like: You are not good enough!. It’s all your fault!. That was really stupid stupid stupid!. You are too fat, too this, too that.

How does listening to all of these harsh, negative thoughts make you feel? Does it bring you down? Or pump you full of good-feeling energy?

So how would you LIKE to feel instead?

The words that we speak out loud, just like the words we choose to listen to that scamper around in our minds, are the starting point for our emotional and physical feelings. Thoughts become things. In NLP we have the TEA model that explains this really well:

T houghts create E motions which create our A ctions or behaviour. Our thoughts, literally charge us up with better or worse feelings and better or worse energy, all depending on what they are! Instead, why not create a super-smoothie for your mind that is full of Verbal Vitamin D? That helps you feel full of sunshine, happiness and positive, light, energy?

What thoughts can you think to yourself every morning this week to enable you to want to seize the day? How about:

I am always doing the best I can given the circumstances.

I am a loving and giving person.

I deserve to be happy.

The more full of good feeling thoughts you are, the easier it is to see possibilities and opportunities! To enjoy life in the moment, to live a lighter, brighter, life.

Set yourself up and prepare your recipe, get the ingredients written down. Create a healthy happy week ahead and write down YOUR super smoothie recipe that nourishes your body and soul by beginning with the words that you choose to think in your mind!

Larah Davis is a holistic life coach and nlp master practitioner offering 1:1 sessions and workshops in Ibiza and via skype internationally.  Contact Larah on larah@ibizaretreats.com

May time inspiration


When was the last time you felt truly inspired?

Was it at work, when you were mind-mapping a new creative project, was it when you visited a gallery, heard a perfect piece of music, or found yourself spontaneously singing?

In – spir – ation – generates in – spired – actions – and thoughts, ideas and insights too!

When the inspired idea, the concept that follows can be interpreted and put into action, it feels good, exciting, inviting, compelling and your energy around it surges.

As if you are doing everything in good spirits, in harmony with spirit – almost as if you are being guided because it feels so naturally easy. Have you noticed that when you are feeling inspired, actions feel easier, effortless even?

Have you enjoyed that beautiful feeling of not having to push or try, because you are simply allowing – and enjoying allowing everything to happen in a natural flow? Rather than setting deadlines you are moving in rhythm with life – and in harmony with others who also feel inspired by your idea or concept.

These are not flukes nor winning streaks, you can access and reaccess this positive current of life energy, you simply need to take enough time to listen to yourself, your body, your inner-voice and guidance.

Why? To avoid becoming overwhelmed by have to’s and yes´s that are said just to maintain the status quo and keep other people happy. And if you feel stuck in a rut, burned out or are out of inspiration, get away from the computer, step back from the phone, turn off the blackberry, let the emails wait for an afternoon and do something spontaneous, something entirely different.

For inspiration mother nature is your best friend – the colour green is proven to calm the mind and open the heart and from your heart, your feelings, your creativity and expression can flow.

So enjoy the May-time inspirations as the warmth beckons you to enjoy more of the great outdoors, on rainy days seek alternative ways.  Or join us on the White Island to dip back into your dreams and allow new visions to arise.

Start this Sunday with a guided minfullness meditation at Benniras beach.  Want to take 5 days off and Just Stop ?