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Wellness consultant: How to harmonise your heart

What helps you feel most nourished and filled up with (self) love? Do you relish the energy given off by radiator-like friends? Do you sparkle like a star from the buzz of good social events? Or do you prefer the natural energy you receive from walks amongst flowers, grass and trees or from the sounds of crashing waves along a beach?

The heart is about one million times stronger electrically than the brain, so for a life of health and happiness (and therefore, sustainable success), keeping your heart’s energy charged can only happen when you nourish yourself holistically.

Whether you love the feel of a vibrant city or the sensory infusion of a colourful music-filled symphony, nourishing yourself in body, heart and mind is important.

  • Boost your body strength and beauty via exercise, oxygenating your system with hikes and walks outside, practicing yoga to tone and get your prana (life-force energy) flowing
  • Massage your mind with mindfulness in every day life by downloading this app and turning any testing tube-journeys into headspace practices that focus the mental-monkey-chatter and massage your inner-mind
  • Harmonise your heart and soul by using the power of appreciation to open and expand your heart’s vibration. The heart’s energy field is like a cyclical torus (imagine a doughnut shape) with energy flowing through, up and out. Where attention goes, energy flows – everything is energy.

It has been proven that as you point your focus on what you can appreciate – whether it is the warmth of the sun, or having functioning, healthy legs to walk on – you begin to notice much more of the good stuff you are so fortunate to have happening within and around you. Rather than getting stuck on what is exhausting and frustrating, or otherwise feeling negative, your awareness about the good stuff expands. Check out this TED talk by Mike Robbins – to find out more.

Simply put, appreciating external things nourishes you fully – the good thoughts and feelings multiply, helping you happily harmonise.

The heart is also five million times more magnetic than the brain. Like the ripples that expand outwardly when you drop a stone into a pond, by choosing one thing each day to nourish each part of your inner and outer self, your positive feelings and thoughts – in essence, your vibrations – will send out this message to the world around you. Being the magnet you are, you will start attracting more nourishing people, clients and situations into your life and become more nourishing for others via your energy.

Yoga Asana of the week – The Tree

As the new energies of 2012 flow in, we welcome you all to join us in grounding the lighter, faster vibrations by getting grounded, centred and strong like a tree. With our spine and body aligned we can be clear to receive the energies from the Universe above and release down into the earth below in an ongoing, powerful flow.
When the challenges blow like strong winds, you can maintain your strength and calm to help you see the higher, greater vision.
Here are 7 steps for a firmly rooted tree:
1* Placing both feet firmly into the ground, lift all your toes and release them back down, shift your energy onto your right leg, activating the muscles strongly
2* Find an external point of focus – a fixed point in front of you – and focus your gaze softly here
3* Inhaling, turn your left heel towards you at a 90 degree angle and raise the heel upwards, catching your left ankle with your left hand.
4* Exhaling, press the sole of the left foot firmly into your right thigh, press your inner-right thigh towards the sole of your left foot
5* Inhaling, draw up your pelvic floor to lock your energies in the core of your body (mulahbhanda), drawing your hands together in Namaste
6* Exhaling release all tension down through the soles of your feet
7* Inhaling, raise your arms up above your head in namaste, melting your shoulder blades down either side of your spine, opening your heart and allow a soft smile (if it feels good to!)
Continue breathing into your belly, exhaling completely and lengthening and deepening your breathing.
Enjoy the feelings of connectedness, alignment, lightness, height and strength – feeling anything more? Wonderful….. enjoy the tree-journey.
With great thanks to our beloved yogi-life-friend Laura Bridge inspiring us all from the top of Macchu Picchu in Peru this week!

Feeling a bit in the spin with these new energies coming in? – Be like a rock in times of change.

Take time to stop completely and allow yourself to sit quietly and observe the world around you. Witness other people, see other situations from afar, rather than getting mixed up in the middle of them. Feel the warmth of a rock that has been heated by the sun and enjoy this deeply supportive and reassuring energy. Feel the total peace of being centred and grounded with the ancient wisdom that only comes from watching, witnessing, being still and quiet and listening. And if the rock is cool instead, allow this to release any hot thoughts and emotions from your mind, your energy, your head. Find a small rock that feels good in the hand and keep it close to you, in your pocket, to hold and reconnect, whenever you wish to with the memory of this calming stillness.

Monday to begin your week – retreatful stress-busting tips to keep your feel-good-energies flowing

Take us dancing naked in the rain! Here in Ibiza, we love the rain that replenishes our terrain and offers time to retreat inside.  Rather than grrrrrrroaning about the weather, why not allow mother nature to offer her cloud-covers as signs that it is time to to step back from the rat race, to be with yourself, reflect on your goals, dreams and life aspirations.   Amidst the grey the sun can still shine through within you, get cosy and… rather than becoming board….  create a vision board!

5 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place for Tailor-made Yoga Retreats

Yoga on Playa Las Salinas

Ibiza is an island where tailor-made yoga retreats are enhanced by the magical energy that you can feel all over the island…

1. In Ibiza you feel free in body and mind… enabling you to deepen your yoga practice and “connect” with yourself 

Our wonderful white island has been attracting spiritual seekers and yogis for decades! Drawn by the open-minded attitudes, the free-thinking people who come to live here and share in our community that welcomes you to relax and be who you are.  Yoga is a spiritual science that recognises the importance of honouring your own, personal needs.  Here in Ibiza, you feel free to be who you really are, which enables you to open your heart and to reach a deeper level of connectedness, in body, soul and mind.


2. Ibiza has attracted top yoga teachers specialising in many different forms and schools of yoga.

Ibiza is a yoga hotspot that has the same vibrant and colourful international feel as the spiritual communities in Goa, in Bali and even Byron Bay.  Whether you are looking for Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or an integrated Vinyasa Flow, we can tailor-make your retreat to bring in the teaching and guidance of experts in many different yogic fields. And Ibiza attracts teachers from all over the world – bringing their expertise to the island via their passage to (or home from) India for us to enjoy!


3. You can enjoy many different incredible types of retreat accommodation

From sumptuous, luxurious agroturismos ( boutique hotels that were former farmhouses) to rustic and bohemian barefoot bliss, the architecture is soul-ful, with Sabina wood beams and ancient Fincas that nourish your being, just by “being” there. So whether it’s starry skies from the comfort of your Moroccan bell tent – or boutique-hotel style  luxury villas, we have got it all and can bring those day dreams to a reality!


4. Ibiza has over 50 gorgeous beaches…

… with miles and miles of sand and sparkling turquoise waters.  So you can begin your day with a morning meditation by the waters edge, continue with sun salutations and then complete your practice with a swim in pristine pools of emeralds and blues.   And every beach is so different – there is so much diversity to suit every mood and every sand-style

preference. There is tremendous natural beauty here in Ibiza and within the yoga retreats, your itinerary can include trips to unspoilt beaches, boat trips to hidden coves, sunset hikes and cliff-top meditations at “Heaven’s Gate” and many more exquisite places and spaces where practising yoga ignites your inner-smile and generates a lasting peace that will permeate your reality.


5. We have over 320 days of sparkling sunshine in Ibiza every year

For a vitamin D injection… look no further! Whilst enjoying flowing yoga asanas in the beautiful outdoors, you can feel the warmth of the suns rays bouncing off the soil, bringing the pine scent to life.  As you inhale the fresh invigorating rosemary that grows wild throughout the island, your mind is refreshed and you can feel yourself being revived here. We promise!