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How do Pomegranates give your body such nutritional love?

Perk up the inner-passions and ease into winter with the wonderful POMEGRANATES we have on the island!! This time of year, we can pick them off the trees here in Ibiza and use them to sprinkle over salads like festive jewels… or Juice up for a MASSIVE vitamin C boost full of ANTIOXIDANTS and delight in the deliciousness of the colour of LOVE.

Persians believe that the Pomegranate was the forbidden fruit that Eve plucked from the tree of knowledge and its’ health-giving qualities certainly make this seem possible!  It will sharpen your mind and gift you with clarity.  Ancient Egyptians buried their dead with Pomegranates for eternal life and it is traditionally for good luck.

* Pomegranates are full of antioxidants

* Pomegranate seeds (and drinking pomegranate juice) increases oxygen levels to the heart

* And eating the seeds can even be a natural viagra!

So even if the sun doesn’t shine *every* day – there are still plenty of things to do…   in the kitchen…. and beyond :0)



Seasonal salads that nourish & harmonise

Enjoy fresh seasonal salads to nourish yourself easily.  Harmonise with the changing seasons and look around you in Ibiza for figs on the trees, add pomegranate seeds and fresh goats cheese.  Make a seasonal salad to bring Autumn sunshine into your life…. look for local produce to get in synch with your body’s natural rhythms.

Here is an amazing seasonal salad full of figs from Ibiza, fresh goats cheese, fresh leaves – explore what is fresh on the counters in your farmers markets, fruit stands and direct from organically growing suppliers.  Your body LOVES to eat seasonally and this will be exactly what your organs are asking for.  Add adzuki beans to soups for your kidneys and fresh ginger to ward off seasonal-change colds.

Figs and fresh goats cheese seasonal salad