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Pure Yoga Holidays 2015

Dive in to our Ibizan flow yoga holiday this summer-time.  Retreat into Ibiza’s spiritual heartland with 4 of Ibiza’s finest yoga teachers and enjoy the personalized support of Ibiza Retreats´ Susie Howell and Larah Davis, with Arun Eden-Lewis and Nora Belton, combining over 70 years of yogic knowledge and experience.    Learn how to develop your own yoga flow, reconnect with your inner-wisdom and deepen your practice and understanding, with plenty of time to chillax and soak up the summer vibes.  Let us guide you through a refreshing exploration of the 8 limbs of real yoga – Ibiza style, and move beyond the asanas to create a truly holistic practice that enables you to open and strengthen body & mind.  Remove limitations and find your rhythm and flow for life.  This revitalizing and relaxing yoga holiday is set in a stunning zen-ashram retreat villa, with all home comforts so you can luxuriate in the tranquility, swim in the Balinese lap-pool, siesta in the shade of the trees.  All rooms en-suite from 995 GBP sharing. 

Ibiza Retreats signature Ibiza Yoga Holiday offers Dynamic Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga practices, balanced with time to chill-out at the beach, shop at the hippy markets, massage and pamper with treatments, swim in turquoise seas or siesta by the stunning lap-pool or shake a tail feather or two if the mood of the moment takes you!

Embrace the Free Spirit of Ibiza and learn how to go with YOUR flow – on and off the mat.

Make the most of our mind-body-spirit concierge service to find the hidden gems… beaches…  coves…   sparkling cliff-top sunsets…

If you wish, enjoy optional evening workshops, for deepening your practice, focus on pranayama, meditation, live music kirtan with mantras under the stars, mudras & bhandas, restorative yoga and self-healing massage.  Each guest receives a 1:1 yoga & holistic wellness consultation at the beginning for us to understand your needs…. so we can support you to develop confidence on – and off – the mat.   Conscious yogic cuisine brunches & 4 x suppers (vegetarian, wheat & dairy free yet utterly delicious!) is balanced with some light & lively nights out to celebrate life IF you feel you want to let your hair down with your newly restored energy!

Massage aches & pains away with an a la carte menu of pool-side treatments & therapies.

Treat yourself to a gorgeous Ibiza-yoga-flow, be spontaneous and do what feels good on and off the mat with some of the island’s finest teachers coming together to give you a mind-opening, heart-wowing time. Enquire here now. 

Personal Reconnection Ibiza Retreats

Reconnective Healing is a new, very powerful form of healing for emotional, mental, physical or spiritual dis-comfort and dis-ease. Tailor-made with Ibiza Retreats offering their exquisite mind-body-spirit concierge service to host you gently.  Add optional extra massage, yoga, healthy cuisine, whilst Mathieu and Melania facilitate your Personal Reconnection in 2 sequential sessions after you receive a Reconnective Healing session.

Experience deep healing, new energy, insights, learnings, clarity, lightness of being. From €695 for 3 nights & 4 days. single occupancy.

The Personal Reconnection is a life changing experience. A grid is activated on your body that reconnects you to the Universe, the Earth and your very Essence. It enables you to access and interact with these new frequencies. It sets you back on your life path, bringing you healing and happiness.  The benefits may be felt physically, emotionally, energetically or with new sensory awareness.

And the best way to integrate these benefits, is on retreat, with time and space purely for yourself to reflect, relax and be.

Don’t believe it, experience it.

⇒  Get reconnected with the energy lines of the Universe and the Earth
⇒  Get in touch with your Essence
⇒  Get back on your life path
⇒  Find balance so healing of dis-eases on all levels can take place: physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually
⇒  Restructuring DNA for evolutionary upgrade
⇒  Expanding consciousness

Contact us for details of the beautiful places to stay, tranquil retreat accommodation where you can let go, experience, reflect and just be.

August – Heat and Passion. Live your JOY this summer time!

yoga sunset

Phew! August is the month when everything is at its hottest, especially here on the White Island.  Work with this heat and do less of what you “have to” or feel you “must do” and feel your summer-time smiles become fully fuelled with a sense of real fulfillment by asking yourself:

What do I enjoy most in my life?

What am I most passionate about?

How can I do more of what feels good more easily?

Being away on summer holiday, retreats, away from reality’s responsibilities, gives you space and time to unplug from all the have to’s and the pressures that can weigh us down draining our passions and energy.

Unplug properly, make sure you turn your iphone or blackberry off for at least a few day enabling you to unplug mentally and create space for your inner-smile, your enjoyment of life to refuel you with a new found power.  From here, with this can do feeling of positive possibilities, ask yourself the questions above and consider – how can I bring more of it into my reality?

Have you every noticed that when you are doing what you enjoy, when you are focusing your time and energies more and more on what feels good, the relationships, the experiences, choosing the pleasure rather than the “ought to” invitations and situations where you feel you may “rather be” elsewhere, everything takes no effort?

Imagine what life could be like when you really are saying yes, at least 90% of your time, to what you really enjoy? How much less effort and energy will this require? And with this extra energy, the world is your oyster: what are you passionate about that you can invest this energy in instead? Begin to make a gentle shift by choosing to say yes to what feels good rather than because you feel you ought to, or that you may be missing out.

As you keep saying yes more and more to you (whilst of course, keeping some consideration for the health and happiness of those around you), you will notice how much happier and stronger you feel, which spreads like a heart-warming fire in ever-increasing circles through your loved ones, friends and family.

Take some time out for you on our Just Stop retreat and enjoy plenty of healing treatments and pampering.