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New Years 2014 Yoga & Revitalisation Retreat

28th December – 3rd JanuaryWould you like 2015 to be your best-ever year?   Larah, Susie, Faye and team welcome you to their New Year-New You Yoga and Revitalisation Retreat: Ibiza’s sparkling winter light will ignite your inner-fire with plenty of positive inspiration.   Begin each day with body and mind-warming Yoga, develop fresh focus with life & wellness coaching. meditational walks in nature, and lovely energising visualisations for plenty of heart, body & mind clarifying revitalisation.   Our mindful flow yoga practice is tailored to all levels, with stress-releasing breathwork, guided meditations and energy-rebalancing techniques to create healthy, empowering habits for 2015.  We welcome you with warm Ibiza oil massages and include self-massage & reflexology workshops to detox your organs, long beach walks blow-away cobwebs and knee-high-sea-walks (New Years Day swim optional!) will boost your lymphatic system!  With rituals to release past blockages and intention-setting to create positive new beginnings, we complete with a sunset hike & cliff-top meditation, plus nutritious, seasonal, purifying soul-food and plenty of positive energy.  All in the  nurturing home-from-home atmosphere of our gorgeous hill-top retreat.

From 865 gbp/€1095 sharing / 1095 gbp/€1365 single occupancy

* Enjoy long coastal & beach walks – and maybe brave a January swim…

* Dose-up with Vitamin D refuelling winter-sunshine

* Relax into fire-side conversations with like-minded new-friends

You will come away with a clear life-plan, feeling  nourished, stronger, calmer, revitalised and ready to embrace all of 2015’s sparkling opportunities.

enquire now or read more about the retreat details here

Love Yourself – Alternative Valentine’s Retreat

February 12 – 16 – New for 2014…invest in your self in body, spirit & mind so you have MORE to give, love and share to inspire and enliven your year with our Love Yourself! Retreat. From 799gbp / 999euros sharing, all-inclusive.

When you can love and accept yourself, your health & happiness enhances, broadens and grows.  When you know what you need to nourish, heal and empower yourself, you are more able to share this with other loved ones in your life – and with the world around you.   Whether you are in a relationship – going through change, or in a heart-healing recovery…  Ibiza Retreats’ world-class wellness team are here to support you to take care of every aspect of your wellbeing.

Through a flowing rhythm of morning yoga, healthy nutritious brunches, life & wellness coaching, energy work, aromatic ibiza oil massages & holistic healing treatments and therapies, evening workshops to energise, relax and unwind..  blissful beach-walks by the turquoise waters and our signature sunset, cliff-top meditation…  you will tap into the healing heartbeat of Ibiza and enjoy plenty of positive, loving energy to fill your cup to bubbling over…   and sunshine-kissed poolside pampering.

Set in the stunning zen-surrounds of Can Amonita, embalm your mind in the warm sunshine, embrace the open-ness of Ibiza’s resident community, welcoming you warmly for a winter-sun retreat.   Rest by the warmth of the fire…. and reflect, connect with other like-minded guests… or just be….

Read more here or contact us to book your place

2014 Ibiza Retreats

We begin with a New Year ‘refresh your life retreat’ – for positive projections that set you up with healthy habits and empowering life strategies (rather than unrealistic resolutions!).  From lightening up physically (with plenty of exercise and delicious, nutritious food), to banishing negative beliefs, spring-clean your lifestyle for 2014 in our secret Ibiza villa – the perfect place to cosy up after dynamic yoga sessions and brisk walks full of fresh air to invigorate body and spirit! From €995 for 6 days including brunch, dinner (on 4 nights) and yoga. Register your interest here for more details. Places are limited.

And if you can’t get away in January – why not book a retreat for 2014? We have just launched our 2014 Retreats Schedule. Those who book before 31 December 2013 will receive a €50 discount and a complimentary full body massage.