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Retreat of the Week! Easter special at Formentera Yoga…

Join Jax and the team at Formentera Beach Yoga for this yoga immersion that helps you to become more sensitively aware of SENSATION to re-calibrate neuro muscular pathways to practice yoga with integrity…

You can’t feel your body through habit, and if you can’t feel your body like your lower back or hips because they have become numb with de-sensitive actions you certainly won’t feel the trauma in your lower spine when practicing upwards dogs or sun salutations, and this will be why Yoga perhaps is always uncomfortable for you. This immersion awakens you to the SENSATIONS of your body, making yoga blissful and teaches you how to practice action with INTEGRITY and not just action any old way.

Date: 6th – 9th April

Duration: 4 days

Location: Formentera Beach Club

Price: From €775 for shared accommodation

Includes: * Private 4 star seaview accommodation * delicious healthy evening meals * all sunrise and sunset yoga * room service *mats, blocks and straps * sunrise silent walks *