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Heart-warming massage

Imagine lying on a warm massage bed, being covered by smooth and warm sheets, smelling sweet rose perfume and ylang ylang essence…
Soft music allows your imagination to fly to realms of inner peace and silence. The sacred space inside. Experienced hands flowing easily and gently over your body, going a bit deeper in places in need for deeper touch. The mind unwinding, the body relaxing and letting go more and more during the massage.
Soothing the muscles and the joints, uplifting the spirit, opening the heart.

What a pleasure, what a treasure!
The perfect gift to yourself, or to the special someone in your life.

You can even enjoy this sensual experience together with your loved one, side by side.

A treat for all the senses.

The time has come to be generous with ourselves – and each other.  Email rejuvenate@ibizaretreats.com to book this gift for opening the heart and deepening the aaaaaaah.