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Do you often “buy organic” because you want the most nutritious, ecologically sound and, quite honestly tasty and delicious produce?   Yes – organic is definitely better for your health – and vital for the health of our beloved planet, however, the best for your system and our eco-system, as well as being the most nutritious, is organic produce that is locally sourced… and also in season, rather than being flown in from thousands of miles away.  

Health organisations around the world concur that this is the best way to maximise your intake of vitamins and minerals. And whether you are eating a fresh apple in England or Germany, Tomatoes off the vine in Italy, or a cold slice of fresh Ibizan watermelon in summertime, s well juicing you up with an all-natural taste-sensation, doesn’t it make you feel instantly more alive?

Create harmony within your body and with the environment around you through honouring the ebb and flow of nature’s abundant offerings season by season.  

Eat seasonally and locally: listen to your body…. and you will FEEL the benefits of this.. root vegetables are earthy, denser, grounding and comforting during the autumnal and winter months,  the cooling and rehydrating qualities of cucumbers help the body maintain its equilibrium in the heat of summer time.  All whilst benefiting the world around you:

* Save on carbon output and noise pollution from planes and save the oil and petrol fuelling the trucks that carry produce across the world.

* Invigorate the local economy and inspire local farmers to grow healthy produce without the use of toxic chemicals whilst minimising the use of preservatives that aid longer shelf life.

* Encourage more love and respect for your countryside by appreciating the seasonal produce that magically appears, from heart-shaped tomatoes to the August-September flush of grapes, figs, almonds and persimmons, Ibiza is juicy and abundant… what fresh fare is local to you now?

* Nourish your system by ingesting food that has come directly from vine and field to table that is as full as possible of vitamins and minerals, supporting organ function and energy requirements by eating what is in season.

* Create awareness and spread the EAT LOCAL consciousness amongst family, friends as you glow with more health and energy!

We are ever-more inspired by the expanding network of healthy organic restaurants and cafes around Ibiza! Amongst many…  wonderful places for meetings too… we are passionate about Passion cafes from Ibiza town, to Playa D’en Bossa, Santa Eulalia to BFit (thank you Lana Love for sewing more seeds of love – literally!) – La Paloma cafe and restaurant in San Lorenzo have a permanent place in our hearts (and what an amazing “final lunch” for retreat-guests to gather and feed before they enter the retreats), ditto for celebratory suppers! – whilst Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis has shaken up our palates with new raw sensations and when in Benirras…. we simply head for the SeJuiced bar after our morning swims and early evening snorkels for meditational communions with the fishes..  San Joan village is home to the sophisticated Spanish organic cuisine at the higher-end Giri cafe or take a quick-healthy fix trip down The Rabbit Hole in San Rafael.

We get our glow on with daily juices and smoothies!

We are juice-and-smoothie-junkies of the healthy-happy kind- drinking pure goodness in the easiest-to-digest when on your feet, or in the heat, before and after teaching yoga and in-between coaching and wellness sessions.   They help our digestive system to stay relaxed whilst we focus fully on our clients.  Find juices all over the island and… wondering what to do for produce? Organic farms like Can Muson near Santa Eulalia are blossoming all over our white island, Community-conscious cooperatives offer you a box of produce in return for some weeding, watering and picking handiwork , or,  for door-to-door delivery –   contact ibizencoorganic@gmail.com you can have plenty of fresh seasonal produce delivered to your door for your own amazing juice creations.    Wonder what to do with the excess? Simply soup or stew those left in the box, or put all in the oven, with garlic and fresh rosemary for a delicious, flavour-infusing roasting…. mmmmmmmmmm