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Healing Ibiza next Sunday 6th May – full of love, laughter and amazing healing energy…

Healing Ibiza May 6 2012 at Atzaro

Healing Ibiza May 6 2012 at Atzaro

In these times of Global change, in this pivotal year of 2012, coming together to connect and share healing tools and techniques for balance and wellbeing is more important than ever.

In a recent interview with Essential Ibiza – they asked: So what is healing Ibiza?

And in essence….. as you can read more about here, Healing Ibiza is an organisation dedicated to Healing and raising Consciousness for the island of Ibiza through not-for-profit events and experiences for inspiration and rejuvenation for body, mind and soul. Over 100 people now come together to contribute their time, love and energy, creating an amazing energy vortex in the beautiful surrounds of Atzaro (who give their incredible space for free).  Inspired during a special Healing Ceremony with a wonderful Shaman called Lilo, a group of us were ignited in a common purpose: to bring together the healers of the island to give back to Ibiza… and each other… as our White Island gives out SO MUCH to so many every year.

This “giving back” is for the greater good of all, of our island, of and for the charity to which the proceeds are donated.  The sensation of giving purely because it is what we LOVE to do (and everyone is doing what they love most on the day!) is what gives all of us, who organise the event, the inspiration and momentum to create two wonderful Healing Ibiza days every year.  The first one is next Sunday 6th May!

Everyone involved is giving from the heart: the therapists, the yoga teachers, the musicians, the teachers giving workshops, the speakers and the beautiful volunteers who come to share in this special time and space for remembering what healing is really all about.

When we give selflessly, with pure and clear intention, without attaching to the outcomes, there are no barriers, no attachments and the energy flows.   We are assisted by spirit… however you perceive this to be…. and we all become channels for a higher, faster, lighter vibration of healing energy.    Through clear intentions and aligned actions, it feels so good and it comes naturally, without thinking…

And remember – EVERYTHING, in its purest form… is energy – we are simply allowing it to flow through us rather than putting out thoughts about how things ought to be.

There are many wonderful areas, offering delicious, educational, healing and nourishing experiences simultaneously:

* Kids area – including painting, music, dance and songs…  and even a teepee!

* Chill out – with Qi Gong, Meditations, Sound & Music Circles, Kirtan & Mantras and special sessions of Mama Fitness for body & mind too!

* Check out the new Consciousness walk…. take off your shoes and reconnect with the earth… take your time and space to walk… more consciously… stop and smell the flowers, look at the perfection of the trees and the grasses… and remember to give thanks for this amazing place we are living in or visiting!

* Therapies – a chocolate box of healing treatments, including massages, reflexology, reiki, cranio-sacral, reconnective healing… and so much more

* Yoga – from teachers from all over the island, sivananda yoga, hatha yoga, dynamic flowing yoga, restorative yoga to soothe body and soul

* Workshops – from dance, to goddess workshops, angels, macrobiotic and chinese medicine and more

* Speakers – from Taoism to the Spine to Emotional Health

* And of course there is the incredible Entertainment line-up… including Indian Dance, Sound Healing & Music that will take you into a Meditation just by listening…

* Read more about the Healing Ibiza schedule and download a PDF here!

* With Atzaro offering fabulous food at accessible prices, complemented by the lovely Lion and team from Abre Sesamo, plus fresh juices galore…

* All proceeds are going to the Mandala School which you can read about here.