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Top Tips for living in greater peace – The Art & Science of letting go 2

Top Tips for living in greater peace

The Art & Science of letting go 2

Have you had the pleasure of travelling in the remoter parts of South East Asia?

Have you experienced the peaceful presence of the peoples of Cambodia, or Thailand, Laos or Myanmar?

How inspirational it is to be in the company of peoples who, rather than having a “hot heart”and living a life fired up by emotional wrangling, come from a different cultural background where a calmer, quieter, state of mind, creates a more peaceful way of being.

For many Westerners, searching for ways to retreat from the “heat” of pressing matters and “”stressful”goals and responsibilities, yoga and meditation are offering pathways into this more peaceful state of life. Yet even with the most experienced teachers, it still requires us to transform the hot head & hearted habits through the discipline of practice. Which in itself, is both nourishing and fulfilling.

We have much to learn however, just by carefully witnessing, “modelling”if you like, the ways that Cambodians, for example, approach everything that happens in day to day life.

1* Walk quietly and gently through life – physically leave a lighter, more subtle footprint

2* Retreat from the need to be noticed all that time. Notice if you always feel the need to leave a lasting impression, Why not explore a more subtle way of just “being”in social scenarios, rather than commanding the attention of your social groups, experiment with being a “fully active listener”with as much eye-contact as you can. Enjoy the extra energy this brings.

3* Take a moment for a calm and balanced greeting before continuing conversations, this will help you get into a gentle and natural rapport which enables your communications to flow more

4* Listen to how quickly you respond to words that you feel are challenging, people that you find irritating or provocative, Retreat from the need to be right all the time. Take 3 deep breathes to consider your response before offering the most peaceful (or neural) answer. How does this transform your energy and way of feeling?

5* Keep saying thank you. For whatever comes your way. In doing so you are neutralising any antagonistic thoughts and feelings that either you or the other person may be having. It does not mean you have to agree with the other person, yet this does create a space for more positive ideas and responses to come to mind.

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