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Special Promotion on Fasting Retreat 14th – 21st April at the breathtaking Buddha House

A wonderful opportunity awaits you here in Ibiza, you can experience a brand new concept of the Buddha-House-Ibiza Fast.

Cleansing on all levels

Physical, Mental, and Emotional/Spiritual. You will leave as a new being, equipped to face the daily on-goings with ease, contentment and a rooted balance inside, thus experiencing more happiness and peace on all levels. With Ilona Pantel, your fasting facilitator and host, experience daily yoga sessions, meditation, mountain walks, Thai-yoga massages, reflexology, talks, relaxation (around the pool and in your private room) as well as guided visualisations.

We invite you to join us on this new journey for a Promotional Price of €1100 all inclusive.

contact cheryl@ibizaretreats.com for further info

All Inclusive Fasting Retreat with Ilona Pantel 14th – 21st April

Ilona leads Dr O Buchinger’s fasts which are renowned for being the ultimate Fasting week  healthy people – guaranteeing healthy protein levels to be maintained whilst offering the body the opportunity to clear and cleanse and the mind the time to declutter too.For more info visit our Wellbeing Calendar of retreats and workshops