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Energy Healing with Faye Reason

Ibiza wellness expert Faye Reason began studying Reiki energy healing many years ago and offers a very special, multi-layered healing experience to her clients here in Ibiza. Incorporating ancient wisdom, shamanic and crystal healing as required, Faye works with angels and guides to allow the most powerful and positive energy to flow through her to support your healing journey. It is empowering and enlightening – authentic, loving, healing.

Faye’s specialty is her open-hearted care and total presence with every level of your being. She holds your space to ‘let go’ and dive deep within the treatment, to dare to be your true self, to open up to your desires, needs and dreams. Beginning with gentle meditation and breathwork, to enable you to consciously and unconsciously relax into a receptive state, Faye combines holistic massage, Reiki and advanced energetic and spiritual healing into your one and a half hour treatment. Her healing hands find physical blockages and softly, yet deeply, enable their release, whilst she intuitively channels the root causes for any physical or emotional pain or discomfort and encourages you to listen to, and learn from, the inner-meanings to ensure deep and lasting healing.

Faye’s own journey, which took her into the rainforests of South America to purify and study with great shamans, opened her heart and mind to greater dimensions. Her intuition is powerful and heartfelt, drawing from her time with the indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes in Canada where she learned about heart medicine. Her work is for those who want to seek their truths, and who need the couragement of her brave heart and experienced care to be able to properly let go and receive.

Clients more often than not express their appreciation with tears of gratitude – at having discovered the truth of the matter, for the opportunity to release traumas, limiting beliefs and debilitating fears. You will feel a greater sense of inner-peace, physical relaxation and connection to your purpose and your heart. Expect calmer, clearer thoughts, insights and the ability to be more ‘in touch’ with your true feelings after your experience with Faye.

Faye co-hosts the Ibiza Retreats Boutique Yoga & Detox Retreats alongside co-director and yoga teacher Susie Howell, where you can enjoy plenty of sacred one-to-one time and personalised Faye care. She also gives the welcome massages during our Get Glowing Retreats in addition to a wonderful energy-work and self-healing session. Book her special 90-minute transformative healing treatment on retreat or in a private session in your home or holiday villa – contact us for further information.

Are you feeling the good vibrations – of Ibiza’s “feel free” energy?

What is it about the White Island’s energy?
The sun – the light – the dancing through the night (and all day).
What is it that helps you be and feel more colour, more life, more energy?

People talk openly about the magical energy here in Ibiza. The mystical rock of Es Vedra, residing in all her splendor off the coast by Cala D’Or, has powerful magnetic properties.

Many people feel “drawn” here – called back to explore further, by Ibiza, by the island, by the sense of freedom and wellbeing.

So how does this fit together? Well…. how you think drives how you feel emotionally, which creates how you feel physiologically.

Ibiza is known for her sense of feeling free. A special, even sacred island where you can feel free to be yourself, to express yourself, physically, emotionally…. creatively. Whatever your age, your background, your race or “economic” place, you are accepted for being who you are. So it is that Ibiza attracts people from all over the world, a vibrant melting pot of colourful characters, who choose to come together to live in freedom and harmony.

We are all made up, at a subatomic level, of vibrating particles of energy – so feeling free in our minds and our bodies means that we are also enabling freedom at a cellular level. Which enables our optimum wellbeing! This means that our cells can be functioning perfectly :0) allowing our

With an open free mind we have less resistance to life, which means we carry less tension, our blood can oxygenate our cells, our breathe flows freely, infusing us with natural, positive “prana”, life-force energy. Lovely!

The lack of too much traffic helps the oxygen levels too! And of course, the raw natural beauty, especially in the North, offers space for the eye to roam freely over green pine-topped mountains, rust-red soil and turquoise seas. The colours and topography help to calm the mind and open the heart as we leave behind pressure and effort, with limited phone service in many places.. you just have to unplug and remember how to “just be”.

Open your heart and minds with a delicious infusion during the beautiful Ibiza Energy Retreat being held by Coco Bliss and Bianca in a secret retreat location, near San Miguel from 2nd – 8th October – with 10% off for energy-seekers booking through Ibiza Retreats.

And please let us know – where do you feel most free?

Spring clean your lifestyle!

Ahhhhhh the sun is coming out and it is time to enjoy longer evenings and brighter days again. Nature is blossoming with fresh vigour.
Are you feeling a new sense of motivation? Any new ideas and inspirations coming through? As you breathe a deep sigh of relief that the sun is coming out and the summer wardrobe can too. Why not take this opportunity to detox your clothes and your lifestyle? Enjoy plenty of space and clarity to make the most of the delicious new spring-time energies.

Begin by detoxing the clothes and shoes that no longer fit or that you feel good in.

How to do this when there are emotional attachments.

Simply give each piece a mark out of 10 for how good you feel when you see yourself in it!

Anything under 7 out of 10 can head straight for the recycling bin (or off to the vintage or charity shop).

Then check through your environment beginning with your bedroom.
We are constantly calibrating and synthesising our environment at an unconscious level so when you have bits and stuff and clutter around you, even subtly hiding in your surrounds, you are cluttering up your sensory airwaves with a crackling grey matter. It prevents you from seeing and hearing and feeling clearly, it can cut you off from your sense of inner-guidance and intuition.

By clearing your space you are clearing energy and creating a space for you to think, feel and breathe more easily. You may notice how much lighter and brighter you feel, almost immediately! Are you emotionally attached to pieces given to you by friends, yet feel they are in the way? Put them somewhere special and store with the contents clearly marked so that you can reconnect with them for doses of nostalgia and positive reconnections.

Surround yourself with some happy, positive and warm and loving photos from nature to nurturing family and friends to remind yourself that you are loved, protected, cared for and supported.

Enjoy ever more feelings of relaxation and comfort, so that you can fully recharge and if in your office space, enjoy an influx of plenty of opportunities.

UPCOMING spring retreats, classes and workshops.

Thought for the day

As the season changes, there’s feeling of vitality in the air. Everything awakens after a deep, nourishing sleep.
It is the time for new growth, the blossoming of creativity.

Your personal energy is fresh and exuberant.

It is the time of budding excitement, wonder and optimism.