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Easter eggs…. reminding us to “birth” our wishes, creations, desires & dreams…

Its Easter Time…. and Passover for many a holiday thats roots are both spiritual and pagan.   Here in Ibiza everything is sprouting, shooting and bursting forth.  And from all of us at Ibiza Retreats, a colourful reminder that the seeds that have been planted for the year of 2012 are now ready to blossom.   So… here is some healthy Easter Wellness Coaching to help you focus on what you most want to nurture!

Birthing new concepts, visions and dreams takes courage, commitment and a whole lot of time and energy.

So whilst everyone takes a break this Easter holiday, why not use your time wisely and set aside some moments to contemplate what you want, in your life, to BLOSSOM deliciously?

* Do you have ideas to crack open, to think out of the box?

* Are you ready to announce your new career path, request that promotion or to send out the email that you are going to be moving…?

* Is it time to introduce some fresh focus into your business… to inspire your team?

* What about your mind & body… are you ready to revamp your inner-“vamp” with some yoga and self-coaching techniques to feel truly beautiful outside and within?

* Would you like to finally ask that special someone on a date? (life is for LIVING and spring is time to get PLAYFUL with a potential mate)

* Do you have the luxury of your own private garden which is becoming beautiful outside? Mother nature offers the perfect space for your yoga and meditation practice to re-birth your spiritual essence

* And what about your Vision Board? Can it do with some extra colourful images and inviting words that give voice to your desires & dreams?

Easter time…. time to resurrect YOUR self-belief… find time to create some positive affirmations, stated in the “I AM” present tense so that you can resonate with your wishes and give the universe a clear vibrational offering.

And chocolate of course, abounds right now, so how about practicing the healthy, happy-making art of “Moderation”.

Enjoy your time to celebrate this special time of year…. coming together to celebrate with loved ones is a beautiful opportunity to shower your life with gratitude and appreciation.   So just as the blossom spreads in the wind, your positive feelings can permeate your environs and enhance your success, happiness and wellbeing…


With chocolatey love (the dark, melted, infused with chilli kind)


Larah, Susie & the Ibiza Retreats team….

Retreat of the week – Easter Adventure Long weekend!

Join the MWellness team and enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza, with a taster weekend of outdoor fitness, fun and adventure this Easter! 

You’ll start your day with a yoga session, then we’ve got bike rides, sea kayaking, coastal runs and beach workouts, plus a visit to the famous Las Dalias hippie market.

The retreat is designed with lots of variety and also incorporates some me-time, during which you can relax and be pampered in our on-site spa or chill out on a nearby beach.
By the end of the retreat you should feel rejuvenated, energised and ready to face the world again with a new fitness plan!

Retreat Includes:

  • All accommodation & food
  • All activities


The MWellness Easter Weekend Special!

ou just need to find your flight, currently available from the UK from £101 return, and grab a taxi to the venue!

Date: Fri 6th – Mon 9th April

Cost: €399 per person