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Featured retreat: Boutique Yoga & Detox

The Ibiza Retreats Boutique Yoga and Detox retreat is very special. It’s for people wishing to begin a fresh journey into their wellbeing – words fail to exactly describe why this experience is so unique and touching. The transformations that happen in just four days, make it one of the most powerful retreats on offer. Our guests leave as completely different people, or rather, they have discovered who they really are again.

A typical day on retreat:

08.30:  Morning meditation and detoxifying yoga
11.00:   Detox juices and fresh organic brunch
12.00 – 16.00:  Massages and treatments by the pool
17.00:   Restorative yoga
19.00:   Sunset hike to Heaven’s Gate (Las Puertas del Cielo)
20.30:   Light supper
22.00:   Star-gazing, raw cacao hot chocolate and sweet dreams

The menu concept on the Boutique Yoga & Detox retreats is focused on a gentle detox for the mind and the body. It’s not about starvation, it’s about fresh and simple cuisine. Day three is a juice detox, a time to take your mind off food and focus inwards, in order to better understand your relationship with food and to give your system a total break and a gentle detox – perfect for those new to juicing.

Don’t be deceived by the name, the sea views, the deep green pine forest, the breeze blowing through the lavender or the beautiful burning torches which light the pathways at night. Our retreat location, Can Bikini, is a true sanctuary in every sense of the word, an oasis of calm and a little piece of paradise on the south-west coast of this magical island.

Reserve your mind and mat space now – our next Boutique Yoga & Detox retreat takes place from April 19 to 23, 2015 and there are also various dates over the forthcoming summer season. Find more information by clicking here.

Spring clean your body, detox your mind

How are you feeling at the end of the winter? Even if you are a regular gym goer, outdoors exercise lover or passionate yogi, chances are you have been spending the majority of time, not least because of the colder weather, inside lately. Winter time often sees us being more ‘indoors’ and ‘inwards focused’. The colder weather and longer, darker, nights encourage us to hibernate – and rightly so! Winter is the time of year for the ‘inner work’ as we say in Ibiza, and now, as the beautiful almond blossoms appear on the trees signifying the change of season, are you feeling your whole being wanting to open, expand and grow? How can you release the last of the winter blockages and step into spring with a clear focus, positive intentions and an energised, spring in your stride?

Well… It’s all about a good spring clean!
  • Physically. Work with springtime energies to do a physical detox or cleanse. There are many ways to do this, including juicing and raw foods. We love Verity Smith’s door-to-door nutritionist facilitated juice cleanses, tailored to your personal needs. Or if you are looking to retreat and detox on a deeper level, try Ilona Pantel-Ayal’s amazing holistic fasts held high on a mountain top in the beautiful Buddha House incorporating reflexology, massage, visualisations and many other supportive techniques. Otherwise, you can simply choose to lighten up your larder (and your life!) by eliminating stimulants like caffeine, good old PG Tips, sugar, wheat, dairy and all the stodgy carbs that, whilst great for winter warmth fuel, can feel heavy and unnecessary for the approaching warmer months.
  • Mentally. As you detox the body, you also create space to clear and cleanse the mind. Inevitably, stuff will come up! This ‘stuff’ could be things you may have been avoiding or things you have been seeking clarity on. Any situations in relationships, or in life, which are not clear will beckon your attention. Having a good holistic life coach or detox guide is vital to be able to reconcile and release any challenging emotions. The Just Stop! lifestyle detox retreats offer wonderful, fully-facilitated support so you can dig deep and transform any poison into medicine.
  • Energetically. When cleansing your system, you can expect to feel tired during the first couple of days. So long, slow walks in nature, gentle yoga and stretching are vital for supporting your lymphatic system to purify, calling on you to breathe more deeply and consciously. The yogic ‘pranayama’ techniques lengthen the breath, to expand the intake of new ‘prana’ or life force energy and enable deeper release of ‘apana’ or old, toxic, waste energy.
  • Spiritually. As you clear your space internally, it opens up a connection to your inner self, the deeper, truer part of you that enables you to know when you really are on your right path. This is a great time to consider your life purpose and how you are treating yourself and others in your life. Take time out to ask yourself those important questions and to connect with your potential for creating incredible projects this year.
  • Environmentally. Move through your home with some sage or palo santo, or good quality incense to intentionally clear the space in each room. Now be brave! Veto all the things in your physical environment that do not bring you feelings of peace, calm or happiness, and yes – that includes clothes! Follow the three-word rule: recycle, re-sell or retain. If there are things around you that don’t feel good to look at and are catching even a millisecond of your unconscious attention, they are potential energy drains. Get rid of them!
So what are the benefits?

You will soon notice how much clearer and lighter you feel. You will rest better, sleep better and feel stronger, calmer and more energised. Your appetite will diminish and you will be able to listen to your body more, to continue to eat and drink things that really are good and right for you and your system. Your home will become a place where you can relax and refuel and your ‘inner-world’ will also feel more peaceful as you listen to your inner guidance system more effectively. Welcome to living your life in flow!

Find more information here about Ibiza Retreats Just Stop! retreats – the perfect escape for an inner spring clean.

Letting your hair down… and rebalancing again!

Ahhhhhhh the need to let off steam…. such a basic – and fundamental – human need it is indeed…

How well Ibiza offers this… the most amazing parties, incredible music, beautiful people and vibrations and energy that draws us here to let go, to let loose, to feel free….

So how many times this year have you given yourself permission to really go for it?

To dance all night… to soak up the feel good vibes of positive sounds and uplifting music, on the beach, under the stars, feeling free to be yourself, to dance out tension, to move with the rhythm, to feel your smile expanding from within…

And so the closing parties in Ibiza approach – our white island famed for dance parties and midsummer madness is more and more becoming known for what we are doing too… here at Ibiza Retreats…. connecting you with the Hidden Healing Heartbeat… a rhythm that continues all year around…. to help you to BE yourself, to feel FREE to express yourself and to find your flow, your rhythm in life…

And even better this year – feel free to enjoy the Yang as well as the Yin… surrender to your wild side and then give yourself the time and space to really rejuvenate yourself again…

So many of us opened our minds on dance floors, lost in the euphoria of the experience… and we come back to the White Island for more – so to acknowledge this and that, with being wiser in life, it often means we are older too… it is no better time than now to enjoy a post-party purification and a healthy dose of pampering, with Wellness Coaching, steam and sauna to release toxins, yoga to revitalise, delicious healthy cuisine, vibrational healing and reiki to rebalance you energetically and reflexology to ensure that your liver and kidneys are boosted too.

Vrom 5th – 7th October at Atzaro Spa with us, a world-class team of therapists and life coach to artists and DJ’s from all over the world, Clare Scivier – click here for further info…

And please – share with us – how do YOU post-party purify?