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Cultivate Spring energy: Detox your body & mind…

We emerge from winter – squinting at the brightness of the light, shaking the cold from our bones and slowly peeling off the layers…

The days begin to lengthen, you can feel that tiny hint of warmth in the sunshine and it’s time to spring clean! But not just any spring clean – this is a spring clean of the body and the mind! A gentle little ‘life detox’ to prepare and energise you for the summer months. So make it you best one yet. Here are hints and tips to spring clean your body and your mind ready for the new season!

The Body spring clean
* Plenty of ginger tea with lemon – and we mean mugs and mugs of the stuff to ward away any colds and boost your immune system in this time of seasonal change. And water, lots and lots of water to flush your system through and to hydrate and freshen you from the inside out.

* Daily dry-brush exfoliation – Helps to alleviate that dry winter skin and helps toxins to be flushed through the body with those circular and long sweeping strokes. Especially if you feel any heaviness or puffiness in the body. And this can be a work out in itself – 5 full minutes of this every morning as part of your routine before your shower will have you almost breaking a sweat!

* Contrast hot and cold showers – this one is for the brave, but there are so many benefits beyond the obvious of feeling energised and invigorated. They can help to lower the blood pressure, boost the central nervous system, stimulate hormone production, and are a natural pain relief. More? It’s said the sudden temperature change boosts the immune system and antioxidant function. And overall wellbeing is cultivated through improved blood circulation.

The Mind Spring Clean
* Make it a no technology day – We are all so ‘hooked’ to our TV’s, computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Blackberries blah blah. Take a day off from all of these devices to give your mind (and brain!) a rest. It’s interesting to note how you feel without these things in your life! After the initial panic and feeling of disconnection has subsided – you might even enjoy it!

* Make meditation a part of your daily ritual – If it already is, great! For those who are still cultivating a practise, ahem, try a 20-30 minute meditation. Just feel into your body and your breath. Stay to stay present with your body. Or attend a yoga class or do a long, leisurely and mindful self practise at home.

* Let go of the baggage – We all carry around a little baggage with us – but how about freeing yourself from past worries and hurts? Begin a diary of your feelings, regrets and emotions – so you can actually acknowledge them, accept them and then then feel able to move on and let them go. This is a practise – but writing these thoughts down and facing them can be a huge relief and can be a great way to detox them from inside you! They often seem much less important when you actually see them written down!

Detox & Fasting Retreats 2013

Let experienced Fast and Detox expert Ilona Pantel-Ayal guide you through a full Fast or Detox programe to feel fresh, purified and cleansed in body and mind. These retreats are truly holistic, incorporating yoga, massage, reflexology, kneippism, guided walks in nature, visualisations and Ilona & team’s experienced, personalised care.  From €1195 all-inclusive in one of Ibiza’s most breath-taking retreat locations atop a mountain in the North of the island.  The 7 day Dr. O Buchinger Fast is a tea-juice-broth-fast. The body is nourished with watered-down ecologically-produced fruit juices and vegetable broths, vitamins and mineral nutrients. In addition, 2-3 litres of mineral water are drunk per day to fully flush the system!

The walks, yoga, massages and visualizations create a perfect space in your body and mind to heal on more levels then just the physical one.  The goal is to enable and enhance your holistic health, as well as to enable changes at a cellular level that last.
Dive into the deeper immersion of the fast or set your soul free with the 4 day Detox! Ilona and her team of experts hold your hand the whole way through guided visualisations, enemas, Kneippism, and the infamous Chi machine… Leave feeling incredible and light with a renewed appetite for life.
View full details on the detox and fasting section of our website. Or ENQUIRE NOW about further dates and prices.

Detox this Spring Equinox and feel a new sense of body-mind harmony

Spring has well and truly sprung so it’s the ideal time to spring clean your body with a detox to flush away winter and welcome back the summer with a spring in your step.

March 20th marks the spring equinox, traditionally a time to de-clutter and move into the new year positively in mind and body.

With all this great spring energy on our doorstep; almonds blossoming, flowers blooming, tap into the spring energy to cut down on the heaviness of winter foods and move towards summer feeling lighter and more balanced.

Equinox’s are a great time to reflect, retreat and ease yourself safely into the new spring vital energy…

Your detox guide Ilona Pantel is also a multi-level therapist, offering a holistic approach to supporting your Detox – which you can even do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   So you can feel safely supported throughout, she ensures that you feel prepared and know what else to do – including to drink water, water, water, take walks in the beautiful sunshine, breathe in plenty of fresh oxygen and to take the necessary rest your body needs.

With the juice detox that MWellness provide, with Ilona as your guide and support for your cleansing journey, you can enjoy juices made from fresh local organic produce.  The green juices that make up the bulk of the programme have an alkalizing effect to help shift the pH value of your system back to the optimum near neutral position. Alkalising your system is important because it means it will work more efficiently, helping you metabolise fat, absorb nutrients as well as flushing toxins out.

Rebelancing your body and mind and helping you to enjoy a newfound equilibrium.

Make the natural transformation with our organic local fresh fruit and vegetable based detox programme. As well as alkalizing your system, you’ll flush out accumulated toxins from your body (as well as weight), cleanse your digestive system and recover some vital spring energy.

Contact us for detox details – or click here to read all about it.

Plus massages, reflexology, personal training and mind-detox life coaching all on offer to support your kick-start, enjoy the cleansing journey!

Written by the lovely James at MWellness Santa Eulalia – gym, spa and holistic health and fitness with a smile!

Springclean your lifestyle this March!

So spring is finally here… the almond blossoms are coating the white island with a blissful tree-lined snow and everywhere the birds are singing and so…. in Ibiza… are we!

So its the perfect time to clear out the clutter, to cleanse the body, the wardrobe and the mind and to enjoy the fabulous upsurge of energy that this brings.

Lets begin with the body – for a life-style-friendly cleanse, rather than a strong detox, instead, eliminate the surplus toxins for the month of March and by Easter, you will be almost ready to don that bikini!

Enjoy a juice detox for several days – up to 6 days for detox regulars, with professional detox guide Ilona Pantel and the M Wellness organic juices in the comfort of your own Ibiza home…. (email us for details). Or for a fully holistic lifestyle detox opt for our Just Stop! Retreat from March 27th, including life coaching, energy and wellness coaching and daily yoga and breathwork with purifying cuisine.

And if you want to do it yourself… to blend the healthy options into your lifestyle in a sustainable, easy to manage way…. follow these 7 easy steps:

Out of sight is out of mind! So clear away all the stuff that stuffs up your system and drains your energy (or over-fires it up in the case of caffeine and sugars!)

1* Clear out processed foods and sugars from your kitchen
2* Put all the caffeinated teas and coffee and caffeinated fizzy drinks away

And then…… enjoy creating a health-fest to feast on with your eyes and then your stomach so that you can consciously enjoy taking this extra fabulous care of yourself…

3* Fill your fruit bowl with delicious fresh, seasonal and organic fruits
4* Enjoy herbal teas, purifying dandelion and spearmint, fresh rosemary with some lemon and manuka honey and rooibush full of fabulous antioxidants for helping your skin get that good-to-go-glow on
5* Water, water, water – into a glass jug and then find some quartz crystals to charge the water with plenty of positive ions!
6* Go to your local farm or order in – from Abel and Cole in London, Can Mason or Can Paredes in Ibiza… fresh organic vegetables and healthy nuts and seeds to snack on so that you feel healthy-cooking inspired
7* Create a huge veggie soup so that you can dip into it easily and add to it when you wish, bring in adzuki beans to support the kidneys, a few lentils for extra protein and the super-food quinoa.

And email us for super-healthy recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious….

Then begin on your wardrobe… to feel beautiful outside as well as in, give each piece of clothing marks out of 10. Anything under 7 – what are you doing having this in your wardrobe anyway? Surrounding yourself with feel-good options is vital as we are unconsciously aware of everything in our environmental periphery. Notice how much lighter you feel as you shed extra material stuff and how much more energy this brings. Continue into cupboards room by room, day by day for this wonderful, life-enhancing, life-style savvy spring-clean.

Detox Long Weekender June 14th – 18th at Buddha House

buddha house

Cleanse the mind, body and spirit!  Boost the immune system and enhance your body’s ability to self-heal.

With your  expert detox facilitator Ilona Pantel.  Eliminate toxins through a leading edge detoxifying nutritional program supported by guided visualisations, daily yoga, Thai-yoga massage and reflexology. Take in the fresh mountain air with 
daily walks and rebalance the body and mind with the yoga sessions and breathing techniques.

Retreat includes accommodation, all meals, detox programme, daily yoga, treatments and therapies programme.

From  € 795