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Capoeira, Martial Arts & Natural Fitness Retreat

23rd – 30th September – Explore Capoeira, martial arts, cross-fit training, yoga-stretching, breath-taking beach training, mind-quieting meditations.  Experience a new level of fitness in body, spirit and mind.  In the beautiful surrounds of Can Skye Retreat Villa with Ranjith Chambers, an elite personal trainer whose group and 1:1 healing work infuses you with a light and empowering energy and amazing co-trainer Nick.  All inclusive from 995 gbp per person

Set in Can Skye, a Finca that has been refurbished to impeccable levels, the sky opens up above and around you as the sea views engulf the horizon…. relax, revive and breathe.

The Skye meets the water, helping you flow through yoga stretching and engage core strength.

Ranjith and Nick lead you on an intensive yet rejuvenating week of holistic fitness, engaging and strengthening your whole being with a unique combination of capoeira, martial arts, cross-fit in the stunning natural settings, yoga stretching, meditation, breath-work, water training, excursions….  All balanced with lots of fun and relaxation.

A private chef will be preparing delicious organic food using fresh local produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Accompanied by a selection of fresh juices, teas and fruit throughout the day.

Enjoy the relaxing and welcoming environment of Can Skye…. a lovingly restored Finca that combines yin and yang, with original sabina wood beans and minimal frosted glass bathrooms.  Villa hosts Jossi and Mimi have added  beautiful details to the furnishings that reflect the eclectic island style that will inspire you.  With infinity pool, fresh herb gardens and the only “dolphin” warm water pools for optional aqua wellness to enter new levels of mind-body connection and calm.

Enjoy amazing sea views and with walks and runs down to Cala Nova beach where you can dive in and explore capoeira and martial arts to the sound of the waves on the shore.   Relaxing the mind whilst the body strengthens, energizes, connects, restores.

With sunset hikes to mystical island sites and a wealth of amazing massages, complementary treatments & therapies plus Ranjith and Nick working with the energy of the group to give you a tailor-made fitness experience that will rock your world, boost your fitness to new levels and inspire healthy lifestyle habits…. that last.

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