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Top Tips for staying cool… in the August heat…

1* Be like a cat!  Sleep and rest and do less, both mentally and physically in the heat of the day

2* Enjoy the summer-rhythm, take action early morning with the bright new day… then surrender to the need to lie down, read, get out of the sun, retreat

3* Spend plenty of time in the sea, the salt helps release puffiness and cools down our whole system

4* Drink warm herbal teas at body temperature rather than icey-bebidas

5* Slow down your breathing… literally, spend time in the morning to exhale deeply, inhaling for 3 x exhaling for 6 x

6* Eat lightly and juice plenty.… the perfect weather to make friends with carrots, greens, just one piece of fruit in each for that natural sugar

7* And again…. follow the cats.… if in doubt they have always got the coolest place marked out for their siestas!