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Spring clean your lifestyle!

Ahhhhhh the sun is coming out and it is time to enjoy longer evenings and brighter days again. Nature is blossoming with fresh vigour.
Are you feeling a new sense of motivation? Any new ideas and inspirations coming through? As you breathe a deep sigh of relief that the sun is coming out and the summer wardrobe can too. Why not take this opportunity to detox your clothes and your lifestyle? Enjoy plenty of space and clarity to make the most of the delicious new spring-time energies.

Begin by detoxing the clothes and shoes that no longer fit or that you feel good in.

How to do this when there are emotional attachments.

Simply give each piece a mark out of 10 for how good you feel when you see yourself in it!

Anything under 7 out of 10 can head straight for the recycling bin (or off to the vintage or charity shop).

Then check through your environment beginning with your bedroom.
We are constantly calibrating and synthesising our environment at an unconscious level so when you have bits and stuff and clutter around you, even subtly hiding in your surrounds, you are cluttering up your sensory airwaves with a crackling grey matter. It prevents you from seeing and hearing and feeling clearly, it can cut you off from your sense of inner-guidance and intuition.

By clearing your space you are clearing energy and creating a space for you to think, feel and breathe more easily. You may notice how much lighter and brighter you feel, almost immediately! Are you emotionally attached to pieces given to you by friends, yet feel they are in the way? Put them somewhere special and store with the contents clearly marked so that you can reconnect with them for doses of nostalgia and positive reconnections.

Surround yourself with some happy, positive and warm and loving photos from nature to nurturing family and friends to remind yourself that you are loved, protected, cared for and supported.

Enjoy ever more feelings of relaxation and comfort, so that you can fully recharge and if in your office space, enjoy an influx of plenty of opportunities.

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