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Ayurveda in Ibiza @ Atzaro Spa

All the way from Kerala, India, you can now enjoy this ancient natural medicine here in Ibiza in the blissful Balinese surrounds of Atzaro Spa.

Ayurvedic detoxification & rejuvenation treatments are being offered with expert guidance from Dr Mahesh Patil, by video conference from Pune India.  Dr Mahesh will recommend specific diet, lifestyle “adjustments”, pranayama, meditation and yogic practices.

His  “prescription” of Ayurvedic treatments are then given by the highly experienced and India trained, Claudine.


The treatments include:

* Abhyangam – Oil Massage – flushing and flowing movements with medicated oils release stress deeply, rebalance and restore

* Basti – Oil treatment for different organs that may be applied to the back, navel etc

* Swedana – Medicated Steam Bath

* Shiro-dhara – Oil treatment on the head (amazing for quietening the mind)

* Nasyam – Nasal therapy –  sinuses and so much more

* Udwartanam – Herbal Powder Massage

* Shastic pinda sweda – a whole body massage with bags of rice and milk

* Jambir pinda sweda – Whole body massage with bags of lemon and coconut

From back pain, lumbago, arthritis to depression, anxiety, toxicity, high stress to anti-aging, musculoskeletal disorders and weight management, Ayurveda is a science that helps heal the root cause of the felt and seen symptoms.

Read more here – or email larah@ibizaretreats.com for further information and to book your treatments or prescriptive Ayurvedic, tailor-made retreat.