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De-stress Anti-burn-out Retreats

Revitalise for 2013 with these “MOTs for body, mind & spirit” – tailor-made retreats that detox your lifestyle of the stress, challenges and emotional patterns that have been exhausting your system.  Bespoke prescriptions integrate yoga, pilates, Wellness and Life Coaching, NLP, meditation, massages, reflexology, walks in nature, nourishing food or detox programs.  Beginning with assessing your needs via email/skype, we always include Wellbeing consultations and de-stress warming full-body massages, with Reiki to release energy blockages and help you heal.  We work with a dream team of talented teachers, healers and therapists to help you rebalance and breathe new inspiration again.  Read more here and contact us to let us know how we can hep you get your glow back and create a new template for your health, happiness and success in a balanced way that is in harmony with all your different physical, emotional AND financial needs.  We offer follow up Life and Wellness Coaching to support you when back in reality and a personalised yoga/pilates/personal training/empowerment program to take with you to keep the positive energy flowing.  From €1145 single occupancy all inclusive / €795 sharing @ Casa Corazon healing retreat.

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