Springclean your lifestyle this March!

So spring is finally here… the almond blossoms are coating the white island with a blissful tree-lined snow and everywhere the birds are singing and so…. in Ibiza… are we!

So its the perfect time to clear out the clutter, to cleanse the body, the wardrobe and the mind and to enjoy the fabulous upsurge of energy that this brings.

Lets begin with the body – for a life-style-friendly cleanse, rather than a strong detox, instead, eliminate the surplus toxins for the month of March and by Easter, you will be almost ready to don that bikini!

Enjoy a juice detox for several days – up to 6 days for detox regulars, with professional detox guide Ilona Pantel and the M Wellness organic juices in the comfort of your own Ibiza home…. (email us for details). Or for a fully holistic lifestyle detox opt for our Just Stop! Retreat from March 27th, including life coaching, energy and wellness coaching and daily yoga and breathwork with purifying cuisine.

And if you want to do it yourself… to blend the healthy options into your lifestyle in a sustainable, easy to manage way…. follow these 7 easy steps:

Out of sight is out of mind! So clear away all the stuff that stuffs up your system and drains your energy (or over-fires it up in the case of caffeine and sugars!)

1* Clear out processed foods and sugars from your kitchen
2* Put all the caffeinated teas and coffee and caffeinated fizzy drinks away

And then…… enjoy creating a health-fest to feast on with your eyes and then your stomach so that you can consciously enjoy taking this extra fabulous care of yourself…

3* Fill your fruit bowl with delicious fresh, seasonal and organic fruits
4* Enjoy herbal teas, purifying dandelion and spearmint, fresh rosemary with some lemon and manuka honey and rooibush full of fabulous antioxidants for helping your skin get that good-to-go-glow on
5* Water, water, water – into a glass jug and then find some quartz crystals to charge the water with plenty of positive ions!
6* Go to your local farm or order in – from Abel and Cole in London, Can Mason or Can Paredes in Ibiza… fresh organic vegetables and healthy nuts and seeds to snack on so that you feel healthy-cooking inspired
7* Create a huge veggie soup so that you can dip into it easily and add to it when you wish, bring in adzuki beans to support the kidneys, a few lentils for extra protein and the super-food quinoa.

And email us for super-healthy recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious….

Then begin on your wardrobe… to feel beautiful outside as well as in, give each piece of clothing marks out of 10. Anything under 7 – what are you doing having this in your wardrobe anyway? Surrounding yourself with feel-good options is vital as we are unconsciously aware of everything in our environmental periphery. Notice how much lighter you feel as you shed extra material stuff and how much more energy this brings. Continue into cupboards room by room, day by day for this wonderful, life-enhancing, life-style savvy spring-clean.