September Secrets

As soon as the last day of August ends, it feels like the whole island takes a huge exhale. A sigh of relief as the crowds subside for another season. September is a month of golden sun, warm glittering seas, spectacular sunsets and a sense of spaciousness. It’s the perfect time to discover the real Ibiza…away from the clubs, bars and restaurants – just you, nature and the elements! Here’s a few of our September favourites:

* Go on a hike! There are many ways you can do this – whether you prefer to discover the island nomad style with just your compass and a map in hand… or go on a group guided walk with Ibiza Walking Association or Walking Ibiza. Our friend Rob Smith has written 2 wonderful books with many many routes in both the North and South of the island (including a handy barcode where you can download the route to your phone via an app). Or you can check out the Ibiza Tourist board website – and look for those blue arrows! Our favourites include: Portinatx lighthouse, Portixol and of course, the mythical Es Vedra.

* Sant Joan market on a Sunday morning is fully alive in September, as the heat begins to subside and it becomes a much more pleasant experience! Go wander – taste, listen, dance and get to meet (or just people watch) some of the island’s more quirky and colourful characters.

* Catch a sunset! Es Vedra, Cala D’hort, Moon Beach in the North, Cala Conte, Cap des Falco (you can also grab a cocktail here at Experiemental Beach Club) or even Sant Antonio’s sunset strip for atmosphere and more people watching, to name just a few special spots. There is something quite special about the sunset later in the season. The colours are deeper, more golden and the experience even more magical!

* Al fresco dining! As the evenings become cooler, dining al fresco in one of Ibiza’s many island restaurants becomes a must! Try La Paloma, Es Caliu, Can Bass, Can Domingo, Can Beri Vell just a few of our favourite spots for you to try for yourselves!

The more we get to know this island, the more we love her. It’s as if she gets under your skin and each new discovery is a gift. Feel free to ask us for  insider advice on or join us for a retreat and we’ll share our many island secrets with you! x