retreats privacy policy

GDPR Laws of May 25th 2018 and Our Updated Privacy Policy.


What is GDPR?


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and has been put in place to protect consumers and their personal data whenever they interact with a company or purchase goods and services.

The regulations govern how your personal information is processed, stored, used and shared.


As a Health and Wellness Organisation, offering Yoga and Holistic Wellness retreats, we ask all clients to fill out an online registration form with common questions about your physical emotional history and current state.


During the retreat our Wellness Consultants and therapists make further notes based on their treatments and consultations with you, as well as noting further suggestions or guidance they have offered to further enhance your time on the retreat and your onward healing journey. This will be done via shared notes and/or a ‘Retreat Journal’ that you possess and have control of. We will ask you to sign to confirm agreement of the content of the notes from your Wellness Consultation.


The initial registration form and the consultation notes enable us to provide a safe and effective environment for physical or emotional healing, rest and recuperation.


We also collect standard information such as your Name, address, email address, mobile and / or landline telephone number, date of birth and passport number.

All the details we collect are required for compliance with the Insurance Policies we hold as a Health and Wellbeing organisation and we are required to hold these notes for up to seven years for this purpose.


We also require these standard details for the booking process and for invoicing and payments.


The Pre-arrival information we collect from you is stored on our secure booking system which is called Bookinglayer and you can read their own GDPR compliance and Privacy Policy HERE.


You have the right to ask to see your Wellness Consultation notes or your pre-arrival information at any time during or after your retreat. You also have the right to ask us to erase any of your notes at any time, but we will ask for a written statement from yourself, for insurance purposes, confirming that you have expressly asked for your information to be erased.


From May 25th 2018 onwards, all client notes that are accessible to the wider team of Ibiza Retreats teachers, hosts and therapists will only state your first name, meaning you are un-identifiable to anyone who has not worked on the retreat.


Prior to May 25th 2018 client notes are securely stored and are only accessible to the Directors of Ibiza Retreats S.L.


Ibiza Retreats expressly confirm that no data is shared with any other parties outside of Ibiza Retreats S.L. without the permission of the client.


All of our emails for marketing purposes are collected via a manual ‘Opt-In’ option at the point of enquiry, and we do not collect email addresses from clients unless they have confirmed that they would like to be added to our mailing list.


We will only ever send email communications for marketing purposes via our Mailchimp platform a maximum of ten times per year.


We may personally send emails to previous Client Groups offering preferential rates for return visits or information or resources that we think they will find valuable and relevant. Clients can ask to be removed from our contact list at any time.


Email addresses of clients who stay on our retreats are not shared with the wider team of teachers, hosts and therapists unless the client has specifically requested to have their contact details passed on to a team member for ‘follow-up’ communications.


Clients can ask to have no further communications from us at any time and we will delete their contact details from our marketing platforms and email contacts.


We hope that you feel safe and secure in entrusting us with your personal information and are confident that we will adhere to your requests of managing the information that we hold at any time.


We are grateful that you have chosen to put your trust in us for your healing and transformational journey, and we will in turn assure you of the highest level of integrity in handling case-sensitive information.