Change of season, change of habits!

The changing of the season can bring with it coughs, colds and that general ‘low’ feeling as the summer nights draw in. Staying healthy and vital during this transition can be easy if you follow some of our hints and tips to help you create healthy new habits.

* The attitude of gratitude!  if you are seeing dark clouds from your bedroom window each morning, rather than rays of sunlight through the clouds! Try a gratitude practice! Remind yourself each morning of 5 things you are grateful for in your life. For example, your health, supportive friends, a loving partner or financial security. If this practice is really difficult, then start simpler – I am grateful for every breath I take.
* Nurture yourself with warming foods and drinks. Try ginger, lemon and honey with fresh tumeric (an incredible natural anti-inflammatory) for an immune system boost!
Or create delicious soups and stews with seasonal veg. Check out what is in season now in your local farmers market – nature gives us plenty of clues on what’s good for us at what time of year.
* A daily practice! It’s amazing how having some kind of personal practice can enhance your life experience. This is what anchors you during all of life’s ups and downs. Whether this practice is (just for some examples) yoga, mindfulness, journaling, meditation. Find what works for you – everybody has a different story and a different way to connect to themselves.
* Have an autumn (rather than spring!) life clean! Consider this a mini life detox by removing anything which isn’t serving you right now. This can include organizing your winter wardrobe, researching recipes and healthy winter food options, having a look at the relationships close to you in your life. And how about reviewing your new year resolutions – and setting yourself an achievable goal to help you realise them. Don’t be hard on yourself! It’s now time to reassess and create positive new attitudes.