Balance is the Key

What is Hawaiian Bodywork?






Hawaiian Bodywork is a single art of body therapy, which includes various different forms of shamanic bodywork. The massage is an open door for anybody who likes to be guided back to the original roots and come into real contact with the aliveness and power of the surrounding nature.  It makes vast use of energy work, dance, activities and passive meditations as well as rituals and trances. These activities are born out of ancient shamanistic traditions from Hawaii, Africa, Australia and the Native Indians of America. However the focus of this work is centred around the Hawaiian healing-massage, which has its origins in the Kahuna-massage of ancient Hawaii. It consists of three basic elements that are the Mana-breathing (special circular breathing technique), the Hula-Dance form (particular dance-technique to step around the table) and finally the massage-touch (specific massage-technique that consists of about sixty different strokes and joint release-techniques).

These three elements form the uniqueness of the massage which is accompanied by strong and powerful music, like drumbeats, trance-music and dolphin- and whale-sounds, that penetrate directly the unconscious and leave a moving and unforgettable imprint.  Integrated in the massage is an eight-session-system that works with every layer of the human energy-field. This eight-session-system touches each of the so called Chakras, the seven energy centres of the human body, physically, emotionally and on a spiritual level. Special massage-strokes, the chanting of sounds, the use of colours, essences and music awakens the life-energy of each chakra and gives the receptive person a taste of the quality of each energy-centre. Each session in the eight-session-system of the Hawaiian-healing massage is devoted to one specific chakra. Every session is complete in itself.  It relaxes the energy- and physical body of the receptive person and awakens the spirit on the deepest level. It is the journey with the powerful original sources of nature from body to heart and soul.


Magnetic Island hot spot – Es Vedra on a full moon!

The Season of Love






With Valentines Day behind us what are YOU still doing to feel the love?  A reminder to keep FEELING THE LOVE.  A week of self-love practice! and expressing kindness in our thoughts, words & deeds to those around us

Ibiza is an island where you can feel the love all year around.  Whether you are alone in the blissful peace & tranquility of the nature, soaking up the euphoric vibes of late-dancing nights or sipping champagne or herbal teas with your loved-one under the stars. The almond blossom now is like a confetti to celebrate love of life!

A blissful blossoming all over the white isle.  We encourage you to do the same, to take time for you to appreciate who you are, all you do, give and have created in your life.  To appreciate all of your positive aspects fills you up with self-love which then can sparkle, bubble and spill over into your relationships.

So appreciate wildly, not the lack of what you think you want but the good things, the positive, the so-much-that-you-already-do-have.
For you and your loved one, your family and friends, your home, your lifestyle, our amazing natural environment (which is in the parks and beyond the city confines even if you cannot see it from the office window!)

Being in nature calms the mind and opens the heart far beyond the limits of the laptop or iphone screen.  It helps us feel more peace, more at one again and….

Just by doing this, through conscious appreciation your seratonin levels rise, eliciting a surge of good-feeling emotions that also raise your vibrations, attracting back more of the same delicious, communications, feelings and experiences.

Solstice Full Moon Christmas Lunar Eclipse








Happy Winter Solstice! to all friends & wellbeing retreaters

Here are some top tips for enjoying plenty of positive energy this Christmas time and into 2011.

Did you feel the effects of the eclipse?

Today, Tuesday 21st December 2010 is the first total lunar eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice since 1638. The word eclipse comes from the Greek word for abandonment – and it really is time to let go of all our day to day responsibilities! By switching off the phone, putting the emails on auto-respond and focusing on ourselves and our loved one, on pure enjoyment of the moment.

The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is the traditional time to celebrate the truly important things in life: our families, our children, our homes and of course, to look forward to the many gifts & Christmas treats just around the corner…

We all received a Christmas treat this morning – thank you Universe! As the moon, solstice sun, earth and centre of the milky way galaxy all came into alignment. How wonderful that during the season of good cheer, we are surrounded by an abundance of energy!

The eclipse signifies change, relationships & patterns we may need to look at more closely or completely let go of….so why not embrace this pre-Christmas time to bring body, soul and mind into alignment too with this potent energy source?

How can you do this at home?

Whether we are with friends and family already – or happened to be snowed in, make the most of this quiet-time before Christmas itself for some stillness and silence clearing the space for many gifts & new year opportunities. Just 5 minutes every day can help us make many positive changes in our lives by following these simple steps:

1. Putting on the answer phone.

2. Shutting the door.

3. Lighting a candle and focusing on the candlelight to help still the chattering mind.

4. making sure we are warm enough!

5. Relaxing into a comfortable repose and beginning to meditate.

6. Deepening our breathing, and simply through becoming silent and focussing on our breathing, we can begin to hear our quiet-inner voices (rather than the constant crackle of the have to’s of modern life).

Our inner-voice can most easily help us stay in healthy, happy harmony – it offers us the intuitive insights, guidance and learning’s to support all of us in finding more peace and calm amidst the Christmas chaos and keeps us tuned in and turned on to our life purpose…. all year around.

Why not begin a quiet-you-time practice for the new year ahead, this can help us feel whole in body, mind & soul…taking a mini retreat for 5 minutes every day and staying on track with our new year resolutions and wellbeing goals.

We can offer an extra helping hand – in meditation, yoga and more. Why not jump on a flight when the airports open again in January! Escape the snow & frost thaw and enjoy a heart and soul warming Ibiza winter retreat

We would love you to share stories and send in pictures from the eclipse – please send through to or leave a comment below.