SOS for the Soul Retreats

Take a day….    to hide-away and completely let go…  A one day SOS for the soul retreat – take time to let your soul breathe…

In a secret and sacred retreat Finca where Faye and Valerie welcome you to relax, release and delicately soothe  your deeper needs.   In these times of change and transition it is vital to prioritise our space for self-care.  Hands-on healing, meditations, soft-support, gentle hosting and experienced care, optional life, wellness and mind-detox coaching, restorative yoga, massages, organic nourishing food.  From 1 day retreat to a longer residential stay, what fits into your schedule? And what does your soul most need?

Casa Corazon (meaning House of the Heart) offers a private and nurturing space in nature. As the name suggests the energy here resonates with that of the heart and the sacred feminine is very much felt. Valerie offers a space to regain  spiritual consciousness leading to empowerment and self-love. This is a special retreat for those who are deeply committed to their soul’s journey. Those who wish to gain the clarity and stability to find and tread a new pathway. Trust and freedom are raised through meditation practice and one-to-one sessions (often these can include past life regressions, emotional feedback and guided visualisations) in a safe place for the transformation to occur.

If you are feeling stuck, confused, anxious or lost yet know you have the power to change (even if you don’t know what that change looks like) this retreat will bring clarity. It is for you to be able to align yourself with your soul purpose and gain back a sense of wholeness that has perhaps been forgotten for some time.

Casa Corozon is a centuries’ old farmhouse set in acres of wild meadow and fruit trees, surrounded by pine forests. Sit by the natural pool under the lemon trees and watch the dragon flies.   Time to enjoy some individual reflection and to be held, facilitating letting go.  It is a rural retreat and the pace is slow and easy.

The day retreat includes:

* Full-body massage with Reiki release work

* Enjoyment of the beautiful healing space of Casa Corazon, eco-pool

* Teas & organic healthy snacks

* Meditation with Valerie

From 95 euros

* Optional healthy lunch, wellness coaching and yoga on request

The residential retreat includes:

* Emotional release and one-to-one guidance
* Soul mapping work
* 4-hand Reiki therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, sage ritual and vibrational healing
* Full Body holistic massage
* Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner with delicious refreshments provided throughout the day
A peaceful and harmonious place to sleep in the heart of the island where the frog chorus will send you into a deep sleep in the comfort of your bed. All guests report that they have had the best night’s sleep,  followed by the best breakfasts!

Ayurveda in Ibiza @ Atzaro Spa

All the way from Kerala, India, you can now enjoy this ancient natural medicine here in Ibiza in the blissful Balinese surrounds of Atzaro Spa.

Ayurvedic detoxification & rejuvenation treatments are being offered with expert guidance from Dr Mahesh Patil, by video conference from Pune India.  Dr Mahesh will recommend specific diet, lifestyle “adjustments”, pranayama, meditation and yogic practices.

His  “prescription” of Ayurvedic treatments are then given by the highly experienced and India trained, Claudine.


The treatments include:

* Abhyangam – Oil Massage – flushing and flowing movements with medicated oils release stress deeply, rebalance and restore

* Basti – Oil treatment for different organs that may be applied to the back, navel etc

* Swedana – Medicated Steam Bath

* Shiro-dhara – Oil treatment on the head (amazing for quietening the mind)

* Nasyam – Nasal therapy –  sinuses and so much more

* Udwartanam – Herbal Powder Massage

* Shastic pinda sweda – a whole body massage with bags of rice and milk

* Jambir pinda sweda – Whole body massage with bags of lemon and coconut

From back pain, lumbago, arthritis to depression, anxiety, toxicity, high stress to anti-aging, musculoskeletal disorders and weight management, Ayurveda is a science that helps heal the root cause of the felt and seen symptoms.

Read more here – or email for further information and to book your treatments or prescriptive Ayurvedic, tailor-made retreat.

Massages, holistic treatments & energy therapies

Whether you are here in Ibiza for more of a party holiday, want to rebalance after the good times or explore more natural highs and world class pampering.

We work with an island-wide network of world-class therapists, from Reflexology and Vibrational Healing, deep-release massages & intuitive bodywork.

Treatments can be more physically focussed, or more holistic and transformational.

Read on here for the full A-Z list or ask one of our wellbeing consultants for a tailor-made prescription.