Retreat of the week – Easter Adventure Long weekend!

Join the MWellness team and enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza, with a taster weekend of outdoor fitness, fun and adventure this Easter! 

You’ll start your day with a yoga session, then we’ve got bike rides, sea kayaking, coastal runs and beach workouts, plus a visit to the famous Las Dalias hippie market.

The retreat is designed with lots of variety and also incorporates some me-time, during which you can relax and be pampered in our on-site spa or chill out on a nearby beach.
By the end of the retreat you should feel rejuvenated, energised and ready to face the world again with a new fitness plan!

Retreat Includes:

  • All accommodation & food
  • All activities


The MWellness Easter Weekend Special!

ou just need to find your flight, currently available from the UK from £101 return, and grab a taxi to the venue!

Date: Fri 6th – Mon 9th April

Cost: €399 per person


Retreat of the week – Teacher Training with Nora Belton

Retreat: 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course

Dates: 1st – end April – 1 month training

About: With an emphasis on safety, we work to develop and refine technique, alignment and professional qualities.  This course offers plenty of personal attention, support and encouragement to build confidence and help each student experience the strength, discernment and joy that come through Yoga.  Move forward with your practice at your own level of proficiency whether you decide to become a teacher or not. Being a Yoga teacher means working creatively together with students to support their evolution at all levels. It can help us to focus our lives with love and compassion.

Cost: €1800 all inclusive of..

●   Two Asana classes per day
●   Daily Chanting and Meditation
●   Delicious Vegetarian Meals
●   Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching Pregnancy and Kid’s Yoga
●   Ample Teaching Practice
●   Introduction to Yoga Philosophy


Overcoming obstacles…. the thrill of jumping the fences in life!

Have you ever ridden a horse cross-country?

Or experienced the amazing feeling of riding in harmony with another horse-being, jumping fences and taking the pace and the obstacles, all in your stride?

As time is speeding up, being able to ride the pace, stay calm in the saddle, feel confident that we are holding the reins is all increasingly important.

Knowing how to overcome obstacles is vital.   Rather than fall into emotional spirals of fear, anxiety and the many symptoms that make up stress, with the right strategies, the “challenges” become opportunities for us to reach higher, expand our comfort zones and even begin to enjoy the exhilaration of flying over fences into pastures new.

One of my favourite riding instructors gave me immaculate advice: sit back and allow your horse to carry you forward in life.

So making the time to meditate, to calm your mind, enables the calm to resonate at a cellular level.   Yoga and Qi Gong and Tai Chi bring you back into your body, helping you to centre, focus and feel strong, flowing energy.  Any combination of the above, practiced regularly, with joy (rather than pressure) will help you reconnect with your life-horse at a deeper level.  This will enable you to get into your life stride: so you can ride in greater harmony and allow your horse to carry you up and over challenges along the way.

There are clear steps to model for jumping fences on horse-back successfully and they can be beautifully translated into day-to-day living:

* Walk the course first – on foot, see the reality of the size of the fences and work out how many “strides” you will need to jump each one.    It is essential to be grounded! The faster the pace of your life, the more important it is that you can feel firmly grounded, in your body and are able to consider the best realistic strategy for any challenging situation.  Look at the fence from both sides – take off and landing.  See difficult situations from various perspectives and this will help you distance yourself emotionally and find the more balanced, sleek and success-oriented solution.

* When you are preparing to jump the fences, warm up first, jumping smaller fences in the practice ring first

Ensure you are not taking on too much! If a challenge or situation feels overwhelming, look at bite size pieces that you feel you can deal with.  Build your confidence and then have that final face to face conversation that takes the most strength, clarity and courage!

* Find your own mantra that helps you stay in the zone

*Create an internal belief that you CAN jump the fence! and repeat it like a mantra “over” and “over” again.  Ensure it is positively stated and in the present tense, this will encode your cellular memory, so that you begin to resonate this belief: that means you will be feeling it as a truth, rather than purely something positive you are saying.

* Practice, practice, practice – remember there is no failure, only feedback to help you adapt and refine your techniques.

* Visualise, in a multi-sensory way, what you will be seeing, hearing and feeling when you have cleared the fence successfully.  Write this down and read it back to yourself regularly.  Just imagine… the excitement and anticipation of that feeling of clearing the fence.  Maybe even relief!

Enjoy becoming a master of your own life, see the obstacles as opportunities for you to heighten your awareness, expand your consciousness and blossom magnificently, in body, heart and mind.

For life coaching to enhance your ability to sail over the higher fences and navigate the cheeky obstacles that turn up unexpectedly…. contact




Retreat of the week! 5 day ‘Time to be’

Join Shambala and Sandra for a 5 day retreat designed to help you leave your troubles behind! 

Do you need to deeply relax, regenerate, recover? Disconnect from your daily life, from stress, trouble and worries? Receive clarity about life issues, job problems or your love life?

This individually tailored retreat, supports your own ability to find a new inner balance within – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We guide you through a process of transformation in which you can tap into your inner resources, experience fresh inspiration and gain a new perspective. Discover your true potential as you listen to the call of your soul!

Date: 18th – 23rd March

Cost: €795 all inclusive

What’s included: * Daily yoga to tune up the body! * 5 nights accommodation on a single occupancy basis * 2 delicious vegetarian meals per day * 2 guided meditations * 4 body treatments during your stay



Accumulate first… the treasures of the heart… for a Valentine’s week to remember!

“The treasures of the body and the treasures of the store-house (health, family, relationships, money) are important….  but the treasures to strive for…. are the treasures of the heart”

President Ikeda – SGI International – world peace movement

When we accumulate the treasures of the heart, the treasures of the body and the store-house come into our life automatically…

So this Valentine’s week take care to notice the treasures your heart wishes to accumulate, experience and receive.

Ask yourself: How do I want my heart to feel? Radiant? Glowing? Light and free? Open? Joyful? Childlike? Happy?

Make a list of your heart-treasures and notice how amazing this enables you to feel.

Literally, just by thinking about it and focussing on it and writing down. you are drawing in this energy and receiving it back from the Universe – it is the law of attraction in action.


* Believe you deserve this!

* Ensure you are affirming that you are allowing them into your life

* Practice feeling heart-opening, heart-warming, bubbling-over gratitude…. (you really can ham it up here!) so that you can activate the Universal law of attraction and attract even more treasures of the heart into your life.

May you enjoy great love this week and spread it far and wide.

May this love fill you with joy and inspire your journey in life.


With lots of love…. the Ibiza Retreats team….