The Season of Love






With Valentines Day behind us what are YOU still doing to feel the love?  A reminder to keep FEELING THE LOVE.  A week of self-love practice! and expressing kindness in our thoughts, words & deeds to those around us

Ibiza is an island where you can feel the love all year around.  Whether you are alone in the blissful peace & tranquility of the nature, soaking up the euphoric vibes of late-dancing nights or sipping champagne or herbal teas with your loved-one under the stars. The almond blossom now is like a confetti to celebrate love of life!

A blissful blossoming all over the white isle.  We encourage you to do the same, to take time for you to appreciate who you are, all you do, give and have created in your life.  To appreciate all of your positive aspects fills you up with self-love which then can sparkle, bubble and spill over into your relationships.

So appreciate wildly, not the lack of what you think you want but the good things, the positive, the so-much-that-you-already-do-have.
For you and your loved one, your family and friends, your home, your lifestyle, our amazing natural environment (which is in the parks and beyond the city confines even if you cannot see it from the office window!)

Being in nature calms the mind and opens the heart far beyond the limits of the laptop or iphone screen.  It helps us feel more peace, more at one again and….

Just by doing this, through conscious appreciation your seratonin levels rise, eliciting a surge of good-feeling emotions that also raise your vibrations, attracting back more of the same delicious, communications, feelings and experiences.

Just Stop! 5 Day all inclusive retreats

Enjoy yoga, meditation, life coaching, wellness coaching and life-enhancing workshops and experiences plus your choice of pampering, healing treatments.

Dates available:

May – Sat 28th –  June 1st

July Sat 3rd – 7th

August Sat 13th – 17th

September Sun 4th – 8th

Visit our wellbeing calendar to read more!

Utkatasana – Using your chair to stay warm!











According to some very credible yoga sources, the secret to a comfortable stay in Utkatasana (or chair pose) is ‘the release of the heads of the thigh bones toward the heels’. Ahem. It may feel like a form of torture…and that burn in your thighs is so, well, burny! Already we are learning a little about our stamina! But in truth, this slightly awkward, but powerful and fierce posture can bring you so many benefits.

Physically it…

  • Strengthens the hip flexor muscles, the fronts of the thighs, the adductors of the inner thigh as well as the hips gluteus muscles, the calf muscles
  • It opens your chest and shoulders and stimulates your heart… enjoy the sensation of your heart pumping and working hard for you!

How to do it…

  • Stand in Tadasana.
  • Inhale and raise your arms over your head.
  • Keep arms parallel, palms facing inward.
  • Exhale and bend your knees, trying to take the thighs as nearly parallel to the floor as possible.
  • Keep the inner thighs parallel to each other and press the tops of the thigh bones down toward the heels.
  • Melt your shoulder blades down your back.
  • Extend your tailbone down toward the floor and slightly tilt it under to keep the lower back long.

Stay for 30 seconds to a minute – test yourself. To come out of this pose, inhale your knees straight, lifting strongly through the arms. Exhale and release your arms to your sides back into Tadasana

And especially when it’s winter outside, creating a little heat and energy in the body can really help you stay warm on the inside…

From the moment I arrived I was overwhelmed over and over again, because of the sheer beauty of the place, the warmth and openess of the people… The air up there was like an elixir, so fragrant, warm and fresh…