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Rockovery at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes

ATTENTION ATTENTION!! The Rock and Rollers at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes and us wellbeing warriors here at Ibiza Retreats have joined forces to launch…

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Specially designed treatments and therapies to keep you glowing – no matter how much partying you plan on doing! As well as retreat packages which are all about balance. A bit of partying and a bit of pampering.

There’s no denying Ibiza’s heritage as the unrivalled party Island – the island of Yin and Yang! But in recent years, Ibiza’s recognition as an island for healing (and not just night cats), has grown immensely. So we are very proud to be working with the people at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes ,who bring you Balearic beats and the island’s coolest credentials, to recognise the more holistic holiday maker – those seeking out the best of both worlds! Or maybe it just takes a little longer to recover these days… whatever you reason for visiting, enjoy the Rockovery experience… 

Here’s what it’s all about… 

1) Treatments & Therapies:

Guests (and non guests!) can enjoy treatments especially designed to harness the healing power of Ibiza. To get you glowing ready for that big night out… or to detox post Pacha and leave you feeling great again. 

The treatments and therapies all balance and restore, using salts from Ibiza to polish and buff and herbal teas from the countryside to detox and purify.  Keeping it real and letting mother nature work her magic, Ibiza offers over 250 healing herbs and plants. From the Ibiza almond oil for massages, to the amazing Salinas salt scrubs with fresh rosemary, mint, lemon and relaxing lavender to tease and tantalise the senses and scent you on your way to a healthier, happier blissed out state of body and mind.

Here is a taster of just some of the specially designed treatments and therapies. 

Organic Ibizan Oil Aromatherapy Massage

These fabulous massages are holistic and tailor-made for however you are feeling on the day.  Each therapist will carefully and intuitively massage away post-party pains, tuning in to what you need to revitalise your energy.  Expect to feel lighter, clearer, brighter and ready to dance under the stars again. Incorporating traditional swedish and asian techniques, reiki energy work and using essential oils from Ibiza’s soil.

Sniff the oils and decide whether you are needing more:

Relaxing – to let it all go… (great on arrival! To get over the flight… of your first Pacha night… you will be gently woken at the end)

Rejuvenating – perfect for getting your system reboosted and your meridians (energy channels) open and flowing.

Detox & purifying – opening up the lymphatic system, boosting kidney, liver and organ function, enjoy flushing, sweeping movements within this fabulous post-party massage.

Full Rockovery – The Rolling Stones… total Face & Body Rejuvenation

Repechage Seaweed and stone escape.  A total face and body revitalisation,  that involves a fusion of hot volcanic stone placement and body massage with the fabulous Repechage 4 layer facial adding elasticity, radiance and noticeably smoother even skin tone.

Hot volcanic stones are placed on your Tsubo points to balance meridians which generate the feeling of balance, relaxation and well being.

This treatment leaves you glowing head to toe and is completed with cold sea stones to re-energise and kick start your energy flow

This is just a taster for you! The full list of treatments and therapies coming soon… 


2) Retreat Packages:

Rockovery also offers 3 different retreat packages to guarantee you that whichever side of the scale your balance tips, Rockovery has it covered. 

11Post Party Rockovery is a mini-retreat with one simple aim: to put you back together when the holiday season has taken its toll!  The Ibiza Retreats team of world-class therapists and wellness experts will be on hand to massage aching muscles, soothe weary dancing feet and clear fuzzy heads – a total detox and purify to leave you glowing in mind, body and spirit. See the full package and prices here. 

 3) Sunset Yoga:

Every Thursday evening, sunset yoga sessions are open for island residents, hotel guests and other budding yogis from around the White Isle.

The new yoga temple has sunset views and with Ibiza Sonica and amazing guest DJ’s to create uplifting vibes for Balearic beats in body and soul.  Feel the rhythm in these flow yoga sessions led by experienced Ibiza Retreats teachers for all levels, inhaling fresh air and exhaling any stresses away to feel naturally revitalised for another wonderful Ibiza night.

And even if you are not into yoga, you can come along anyway, enjoy the beats and enjoy virgin (or not!) cocktails and a massage whilst you watch the yogis do the hard work!

To book your place (yoga and those who just want to chill!), call the reception at Ibiza Rocks house on Thursdays from 10am… 00 34 605 84 97 99