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Our Story

We all share a passion and love for Ibiza…  and for wellbeing – in body, mind & soul

Ibiza Retreats are here to connect you with the magic of Ibiza… the transformational, healing energies that make our “white island” so “magnetic”.  Whether you put it down to the Quartz in the soil, the 300+ beaches (one for  every day of the year!), the white light that bounces of the sparkling waters, or the beauty of the nature, your being will WANT to be well – in the great outdoors, yoga asanas in the sunshine, meditations on cliff-tops amidst the pines.    Our smiles and open-hearts welcome you on the phone, email, skype and finally, face to face when you arrive here.

Our team are professional, experienced, know the island intimately and will do our utmost to ensure you get what you need during your stay here.. We are your mind-body-spirit concierge whilst you are on the island. 

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8266039061_d61bb637d5_zLarah – Founder and Co-Director…

…was inspired by a vision and a calling to establish Ibiza Retreats in 2007 as a wellbeing nexus point for the locations, retreats, teachers, healers and wellbeing professionals based on this magical healing island.

She is a Holistic Life Coach, Yoga teacher, NLP Master Practitioner, Energy Worker and Wellness Consultant. Her teaching practice is embedded in a solid personal commitment to yoga and self-realisation.

From coordinating transformational retreats in Sydney and Australia’s Blue Mountains to event management in NYC, since 2000 she has been actively exploring yoga and meditation, energetic and spiritual techniques and has delivered workshops and seminars for 3 – 300 people in London, Ibiza and Sydney.

Dedicated to helping you heal, improve your health, grow and transform your life… Larah will guide you through a renewed energy for life. She is passionate about inspiring you to face inner-blocks and challenges as opportunities for growth, empowering you with fresh focus and practical life-enhancing strategies.

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DSC_0895Susie – Co-Director & Yoga Teacher…

… Had a 10-year long career in advertising account handling has given her a wealth of experience in hosting and organisation… but her passion lies with people and teaching yoga.

In a brave move in pursuit of ‘something more’, she left the bright lights of London behind to pursue her dream to show as many people as possible the beauty of yoga, wellbeing and the healing side of Ibiza. Ibiza is now her full time home.

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Louise… Marketing Manager and Client Care

…Has a corporate PR background which has softened significantly since her move to Ibiza, she has swapped the boardroom for the beach-office, yet maintains her professional attention to your-details to ensure a smooth and relaxing stay.

A devoted yogi (and mother!), Lou speaks English, Spanish & French and loves combining her skills and experience with Ibiza Retreats’ wishes to help clients fulfill their health & happiness needs.   Lou is superbly organised, so expect follow-ups for your registration forms and flight info :0) all serviced with a smile.

IBS picRayja – Treatments & Therapies Co-ordinator… 

…Was born and raised on the inspiring island Ibiza,  following his heart, hands and spirit towards South-East Asia to study and absorb the healing arts of Thai Massage, Bodywork and Iyengar Yoga.

After 3 years of spiritual, emotional and physical development, his roots are back to Ibiza (lucky for us!) and he is branching out with open arms for all who want to experience an unforgettable massage treatment and a passionately lead yoga class.

Rayja looks after all the bookings for treatments and therapies. His incredible knowledge and instinct for which Therapists suit which Clients means you all get what your mind, body and soul needs when you book a treatment. To book or to discuss with Rayja, you can email him here



mot for body mind and spirit

Shambala – Therapies and wellbeing Consultant…

…won’t mind us saying this – but she has a few years and wealth of experience in the therapeutic world. She is a loving and caring host and has a magical gift to make any guest feel immediately at ease and relaxed. No matter what they are going through.

It is very hard for us to describe in short what Shambala does with Ibiza Retreats as her essence is really in everything we do and she is very much our role model and mentor. We do hope you get the opportunity to meet her and feel her magic too…she offers therapy sessions for body, heart and soul – on land and in water to include MET (Meridian Tapping), Lomi Lomi Nui massage, Meditations and  so much more…x

Why feel – heal – transform in Ibiza?

Modern busy lives are increasingly hectic, full of overwhelming amounts of information and stimulation that take us into our head and out of our body.

Here is Ibiza, we help you to feel again, to re-sensitise to your mental, physical and spiritual needs.

We welcome you to take a step back from your reality, come rest, reflect, take time and space to breathe, open and relax your mind, creates fresh, new perspectives, feel a new sense of positivity.

Through yoga, coaching, meditation, holistic treatments & therapies,  the insights and awareness that arise enable you to transcend old patterns, to release unhealthy habits and free yourself from carrying the weight of past pain and future fears. 

We empower you to become responsible for your own happiness and wellbeing.  When you choose to Feel - you can accept the pain, heal and grow from it to ultimately transform your life….

Ibiza’s essential elements, water, sky, bright uplifting light, smiling people, positive energy and inspirational places, help you feel appreciation for life, gratitude for all you have already been given in body, heart and mind.   Through yoga, healing massages and therapies, meditations, your “open-mindfulness” unfolds automatically in naturally beautiful surroundings, through swimming in emerald seas, celebrating spontaneous sunsets, magical meetings with like-minded souls.

Holistic Spa Getaways and an A-Z of massages, spa treatments & therapies on the magical White Island of Ibiza

For single travellers, couples, families & friends, private groups.

We are here to connect you with Ibiza’s most exquisite retreat locations, hidden healing places & spaces, retreats & wellness experiences – from yoga holidays to detox & fasting, meditation to life coaching and health & fitness for body, heart & mind.